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So Dotty: Polka Dots

So Dotty: Polka Dots


When Polyvore had a polka dot challenge, I decided to style this black dress with neon polka dots. It looks like separates but it actually is connected by a clip in the middle. It’s very 80s inspired and reminds me of Saved by the Bell. Definitely something Kelly Kapowski would wear! But if this outfit was separates, I’d still choose it because I’ve been loving the look of matching separates lately. Definitely something I’d like to get in to myself next summer if the style is still in and readily available.
For shoes I chose fuzzy sandals. These kinds of sandals were gaining popularity over the summer and while I don’t think I’d ever personally wear fuzzy sandals, I do like the look of them with this neon polka dot dress.
Lastly, I chose this black Moschino backpack with a silver heart. I love it because it’s cute without being too busy or glitzy since the polka dots are more than enough personality for one outfit!


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