Dress Weights

Dress Weights

Have you ever heard of dress weights? They’re a fashion accessory that you add to your dresses or skirts to keep them from blowing up in the wind. When Christina, creator of Dress Weights by DressStrong, contacted me about her product I was immediately interested since I often wear dresses and skirts. Now, dress weights do exist by other brands but what makes the ones by DressStrong unique is that they are the first reusable and recyclable ones! So basically you get to keep your dress from flying up creating a wardrobe malfunction, save some money, and be kind to the environment. It’s a winning situation all around!

I received the dress weights a few weeks ago and was really looking forward to trying them out but then I had to wait since the temperatures were in the single digits for a few weeks. But now I’ve finally gotten to wear them and the product definitely lives up to the idea.

Dress Weights
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Dress Weights 4
Dress Weights 2
Dress Weights 3
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Stained Glass Shift Dress 1
Stained Glass Shift Dress 2
Stained Glass Shift Dress

Cardigan: Express | Dress: LOFT | Tights: LOFT | Boots: Kelly & Katie via DSW

The dress weights are surprisingly heavy, which I guess they have to be to keep your dress down! But despite their weight, they adhere to the material very well and will not fall off. I placed my dress weight inside this dress an inch or two above the hem the night before I wore it and hung the dress back up. It didn’t fall down when I went to get it in the morning and it lasted perfectly fine all day at work. When you first put it on you can definitely feel the weight especially if you wear a shift dress like I did here because it sort of swings when you walk. But after a few minutes you get used to it and as the day goes on you don’t even remember it’s there any more.

When I took these photos yesterday, it was the perfect day to wear the dress weights. It was rainy and breezy all day and luckily whenever I walked outside the only thing I had to worry about was hoping the rain wouldn’t stain my boots! I didn’t have to worry about holding my dress down or anything.

As mentioned above, these dress weights by DressStrong are reusable. Included in your package is a little plastic card with spots for you to stick your dress weights since you’ve already peeled off the sticker. According to the website you should be able to reuse your dress weight at least 5 times and each pouch comes with 4 dress weights so it’s a great deal!

I love that these are reusable and just adhesive so you’re not doing any damage to your dress. They’re so easy to use and the perfect way to prevent any wind mishaps!

DressStrong was also kind enough to provide my readers with a discount code! If you use the codeΒ JAMIE you will 15% off your purchase!

*I received this product complimentary, but all opinions are my own.*

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