Wanderlust: Switzerland Travel Inspo

If you ever take a look at my travel board on Pinterest, you’ll probably notice that a majority of my pins are photos of Switzerland. It’s not even on purpose! Whenever I see a beautiful photo of a place I’d love to see in person I automatically pin it and a good amount of those times it’s a photo of a place in Switzerland! It’s been on my list of places I need to visit for a long time so I’m sharing a handful of the Pinterest photos I’ve saved so you can see why I want to go so bad!

Chateau d'Aigle
Valle Verzasca
Lake Geneva - Vineyards
Bern 1
Lake Lucerne
Switzerland 1
Lake Brienz
Swiss Alps
Lucerne 1

Okay, I know that was a lot of photos – and that’s not even all I have on my Pinterest board for Switzerland!

I also think it’s fascinating that the primary language depends on the region of the country you’re in which depends on the bordering countries. Most of the country speaks German, but a large area of the western side speaks French, southeast – Italian, and little pockets speak a language called Romansh.

But back to the photos. Doesn’t the country just look so beautiful, magical, and majestic at the same time? From the beautiful lakes to the rolling hills and snowy mountains to the gorgeous little towns and villages nestled in the hills sitting beneath the towering mountains. The cities look old fashioned, but modernly gorgeous at the same time. It’s breathtaking and I can’t wait to go there one day! I think I’d feel like I stepped in to a storybook! I’d definitely want to travel all over the country. I don’t think there can be a bad photo of Switzerland.

Have you ever been to Switzerland?

*All photos were taken from Pinterest*

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