Stuck for a Resolution? Kick a Bad Health Habit!


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Many of us are turning a new leaf in our books as we step into 2019. We want to live better and more positive lives, so we make resolutions to help us achieve this. Now, if you’re struggling for a resolution, why not start by looking at your health and wellbeing and cutting out bad habits that can prove detrimental to this? Here are a few different areas that you might want to consider tackling for the greater good!

We all know that smoking is bad for us. The worst part? There really aren’t all too many positives that come hand in hand with the massively increased health risks that we face when choosing to smoke. So, why engage with it? Now, quitting smoking can prove to be difficult. Tobacco contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. But there are all sorts of alternatives out there that can help to wean you off smoking itself. Consider nicotine patches, nicotine gum, vaping, or using E-cigarettes. If you continue to struggle, book an appointment with your doctor for further support and advice.

Alcohol can be fine, as long as you drink it in moderation. Stick to official guidelines when it comes to drinking sensible amounts. If you find that you are becoming dependent on alcohol, or that you are regularly exceeding limits that you set for yourself, you may need to quit drinking until you are able to engage with it reasonably. If you are struggling to achieve this alone, there is help out there. Consider a Drug and Alcohol Detox programme that will guide you on the path to recovery.

Fast Food
It really isn’t surprising that many of us consume way too much fast food. It’s easy to find – there’s a fast food outlet on pretty much every commercial street. It’s fast – you don’t have to wait around for long between ordering a meal and actually eating it. It tastes good – obviously a food packed with things that are bad for you is likely to be sweet or satisfying in some way or another. But fast food should be a no go when it comes to your regular eating patterns in the new year. Sure, there are perks. But they’re not worth your health! Fast food tends to be packed full with saturated fats, excess sugars, too much salt, and artificial additives and preservatives. So, give them a miss and start preparing healthy, wholesome meals at home instead. Come up with a meal plan that covers all of the bases in regards to what your body requires in order to function properly. Then stick to it! Even if this means engaging with meal prep and chopping ingredients while you have time and storing them for a meal later on!

These are three areas that you really should focus on if you’re looking for ways to improve upon your overall health and wellbeing in the coming twelve months!

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