A Trip Where The Wild Things Are In Missouri

There are plenty of good reasons to travel to Missouri, a state that brings you the Gateway Arch Museum, the fantastic Silver Dollar City amusement park, and Mark Twain’s home, now kept as a museum. However, the richness of this midwestern state truly lies with the wild things, both in the national parks it has to offer as well as to the local tradition of cultivating and preserving it all.



Take a trip on the green side
When it comes to visiting a city, visiting at least one park is always recommended. It offers a nice break away from the hustle and bustle in most cases, but the Missouri Botanical Gardens are one of the top reasons you should think about stopping at St. Louis in the first place. 79 acres with thousands of species on display, including a pioneering village, Osage camp, and the biggest Japanese garden in the country. It’s the park that other parks wish they could be and well worth your attention.

Stop and taste the countryside
Missouri is known for a few different culinary experiences in particular, from St. Louis-style pizza to Kansas City barbeque. However, what stands above all of them is the wine, especially those that can be taste across the gorgeous Hermann wine trail. Regularly running events like the Chocolate Wine Trail, it offers acres upon acres of countryside and vineyard to explore, and the chance to stop in a winery tasting room and get a taste of some of the finest vintages the trail has to offer. The Hermann community practically grew around wine, so it’s safe to say they know a good tasting red when they find it.

Feel the rush
The Lake of the Ozarks is one of the natural sports that Missouri is best known for. This huge lake is more a region full of things to explore and do rather than a single attraction and could easily take up the entire trip. However, it’s most known for being one of the best boating spots in the US, and you can hire a ski boat and go exploring to your heart’s content in one of the largest manmade lakes, with plenty of lakeside accommodation and golf courses nearby making it also probably the most versatile lake in the country.

Walk with the animals
If you have seen a lot of zoos, then it might not be all that easy to get excited about visiting one. However, St. Louis Zoological Park, placed in the heart of the city, stands truly above the majority of them, making it one of the best in the US. Leading in conservation and animal research and completely free to enter (except for a few special exhibits), the Jungle of the Apes, Big Cat Country, and Butterfly House are truly marvels to behold, and the zoo regularly has events on to make every trip worthwhile.

The next time you’re taking a road trip through Missouri, make sure to stop in at some of the destinations mentioned above if you want to be reminded of the beauty of the natural world.

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