What Does Your Jewelry Say About You?


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In the world of jewelry, every choice you make says something about your personal style. How you mix and match, and what you wear your jewelry with, gives away a little more than you might think about your taste and even your personality. Indeed, even the choice to not wear jewelry can make a statement!

There is nothing like jewelry for transforming an outfit from average to awesome but here are a few of the signals you may not realise you are giving off.

Fun and Quirky

Matching bright colors, statement pieces and novelty jewelry is a brilliant way to show off your fun side. Fashion doesn’t have to be all chic Parisian glamor; in fact, the best way to show off your sparkling personality is to wear the jewelry that makes you feel happy.

Whether you tend to go for natural shapes like big flowers, corals and bugs or you prefer to go for initials (click here for some gorgeous designs), showing off your quirky taste is ideal for a fun night out with friends. Match simple neutrals or monotones to show off a big piece or go all-out with color – whatever you do, enjoy it!

Bright Colors

When you want to brighten up an outfit, brightly colored jewelry is by far the easiest solution. Simple shapes can really pop with a bit of color and matching or – more likely – contrasting with your outfit brings interest to your choices. You can still be sophisticated with a pop of color and simple rings or necklaces with set stones are often the easiest way to jazz up a plain outfit.

Having a small selection to choose from also gives you the option of mixing and matching. Don’t be afraid to stack rings and wear a few different styles and colors together. We are way past the stage of matching sets so trust your judgement and play with a few different combinations.

Classic Designs

There are some designs in fashion that will simply never go away. The diamond engagement right, the simple gold chain and the little black dress are all great examples of this idea. The simplicity of a design is often what makes it so accessible but it is also what makes it so wearable. You could wear a pair of diamond studs with pretty much any outfit. This is the joy of classic jewelry designs.

Having a simple chain necklace with a few different pendants to choose from is a brilliant way to start a capsule jewelry collection. But what you wear your classic pieces with is where the real difference is. A leather jacket and jeans could be softened by a pair of pearl studs or a short prom dress could be given a touch of class.

However you wear your jewelry and whatever combinations you come up with, the important thing is that you enjoy playing with what you have. Even the most basic wardrobe can be enlivened by a few pieces of statement jewelry and the best thing is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune to get there!

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