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Got an Event Coming Up? Killer Planning Tips Here!

When it comes to throwing a good event, you can go low-key, or you can go all out. Fundamentally, it’s the right ingredients that make the cake good. The same applies here. From a Bar Mitzvah to a Divorce party – use some (or all) of these planning tips, and you’re sure to have the best time.


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With 3+ Months To Go
Pick a date and a time. Try to avoid having it clash with public holidays or other big celebrations. The chances are to secure a venue is going to cost a premium and people might have tickets to those events you’re trying to organise around. Weekends tend to work best too – think about school and work the day after.

Where? You might want an out of the way castle but not everyone will be able to get there. If you are planning on having it outside, think about the possibility of rain and have a backup for a spur of the moment shelter. Your favourite restaurant might be perfect for this. It doesn’t have to be extravagant for it to be your ideal place.

To theme or not to theme. If you are going to have a theme make sure there is enough time for people to get costumes and order what they need. Be clear about this, is it ‘if you like’ or an absolute theme.

Who? If you’re having a big blow-out, you don’t need to be as picky with your list. If you want to curate a specific type of environment you might need to be a bit more particular with those much-coveted invites.

Tasty treats. When it comes to food, catering for as many people as possible. Vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, allergies and a range of sweets and savouries. Think about if you’re going to go with BYOB or supply enough for everyone. On the note of BYOB, remember the people who don’t drink and provide a selection of soft drinks too.

Alone or a team? Think about calling in the help of your friends and family to help you pull this party together. Or, you might like to work with someone from the establishment that you will be using.

Money. Think about how much you really have to play with and where the majority of the budget is best spent. Is it getting the venue of your dreams or is it going to be on lush food and drinks?

Music. Live? DJ? An iPod and speakers? Decide and start putting together a rough playlist. The right music adds a lot to the atmosphere.

A Month To Go
Fun. Work out what you will be doing for fun. Aside form scintillating conversation, will there be games? Live music? Performers, dancers or other live acts? What will the kids be doing (if kids are invited)? Photo booth backdrops add some character to your photos without fuss. Work out when everything will be happening and leave enough room before and after.

Equipment. Now you’ve decided what you’re going to be providing in terms of fun, you’re going to have to make sure everything is available. If you have live entertainers find out what they need and if they are bringing their own stuff. Nothing worse than a live band turning up to no amps.

Location. Check in with them, see if there is anything they need from you and what time you can arrive to get the place decorated. It is also an excellent time to check your contract for cancellation policies – know where you stand if it doesn’t all pan out.

Suppliers. Give them a call to go through the details of the day. Make sure they know which entrance to use, and what time they need to be there. Having the food arrive too early can cause problems like warm cucumbers and hot food going cold.

Tally up all of the people that responded, and send out another confirmation. You might like to use Facebook. The event pages are easy to navigate and also send reminders to people who accepted the invitation.

Two Weeks To Go

Pay off everything that hasn’t already been paid.

Plan for a few dropouts in the next two weeks but don’t let it worry you.

Pick up any items that you know you might need on the evening. Bandaids, paracetamol painkillers, spare change for people who need it, numbers for local taxi firms and hotels. Simple things that can help the night run more smoothly.

If you know that a few people are travelling from similar locations, arrange a carpool or single Uber or taxi to get them to the site.

One Week To Go
Go through the playlist again. Add on any significant new releases, and have a range of upbeat music and slower stuff too. The start of the night should be reasonably quiet, ambient music without many lyrics, then further into the night up the tempo and add in stuff with more lyrics too. People tend to dance and sing later, then as it gets later, add more downtempo music. The music can guide the atmosphere and the ambience for the whole of the evening. That’s why the carefully curated playlist and if are great DJ or a good live band are non-negotiable is when it comes to the perfect event.

If you still have guests that have not RSVP’d now is the time to send them a friendly text message or phone call just to double check. It is also likely that you will have one or two people dropping out, but just like before try not to let the stress you out.

Safety. When it comes to the safety of your guests, you can never be too careful. Make an appointment with the venue owner or manager and ask them to provide you with a copy of emergency exit plans and in case of fire plans and check that all of their safety equipment is up-to-date. If you do happen to find anything that may be an issue have a chat with them and see if you can get an inspection scheduled in before the event.

Now is also the perfect time to shop for your outfit. You’ll have a clearer idea of the weather for that day how you’re getting there the music that will be played the food that will be served and can now focus on making sure that you can enjoy the event that you put so much work into.


One Day Before
If you do not have any arrangements with the venue, now is where you will pick up your iced fruit and any other perishables.

If you have managed to negotiate with the venue to get in a day early, and heading to arrange furniture stick any posters or notifications up around the hall all room. Dress the tables and chairs, set up any party decorations balloons or fairy lights. And, make sure that all your nametags placed in the appropriate place if you are using them.

Wi-Fi for everyone. Now is also a great time to print out a few pieces a paper simply stating the Wi-Fi name and password for all of your guests. You might also consider sending them all a text message with those details too.


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On The Day

Early on in the morning arrive at the venue and ask that your DJ or live band also meet you there. Run a sound check to make sure that the music is not too loud or too quiet. If you have a live band, a sound check will ensure that they have no feedback once they play and no one is going to end up with any ear damage.

Making Memories. Make sure that your Photo Booth, your photographer or videographer are well versed in the space of a have available to use. Ideally, you will by now between you both have a plan for the style of photos and video that you wish to receive.

If you have not hired a professional photographer or videographer, then you might like to look into apps which allow everybody to post their own photos from their mobile phone. This way you can have a much more personal account of the celebration is Or event.

The key to a good party, celebration, or event is understanding the reason for it. If it is a birthday, for example, you like to make the most of the person whose birthday it is, similarly if it is another family celebration or a party just because and Then the people who attend are the people who you should consider through every step of planning. If you know that most of the people attending have children, then a party atmosphere that isn’t really friendly to children or hiring a very suitable venue Will prevent a lot of people attending. It is worth bearing in mind that you cannot please everybody. However, when it comes to party planning the more people you please, the better, the event will be.

And one final thing, be sure that you enjoy yourself too.

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