Loopstripe Sweater
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Loopstripe Sweater

Is this week going super slow for anyone else? I don’t know how it isn’t already Friday! But anyway, today I’m sharing this sweater that I think is one of my favorites! Do you ever see the item names for clothes and wonder how they got that name to describe the piece? “Loopstripe” sounds kind of weird at first, until you see the sweater up close and realize the textured stripes are actually loops of thread!

This white sweater is long enough to wear with leggings like I did here, but not so long that it looks weird with non-legging pants. I wore it to work last week with stretch cords and it looked great too.

Loopstripe SweaterLoopstripe Sweater 1Loopstripe Sweater 2Loopstripe Sweater 3Loopstripe Sweater 4Loopstripe Sweater 5Loopstripe Sweater 6Loopstripe Sweater 7Loopstripe Sweater 8Loopstripe Sweater 9Loopstripe Sweater 10Loopstripe Sweater 11Loopstripe Sweater 12

Sweater: LOFT | Leggings: Express

I love the textured, loop stripes on this sweater. Although it is all white, it breaks up the sweater and gives it a more unique look. Plus, I just think the loop stripes are cool and cute while still being such a classy and classic looking sweater.

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