Plane Window View

#fbf Plane Views

I love photos from plane windows. They rarely come out bad unless the wing of the plane is blocking a gorgeous part of the view or you get your reflection in the window. But oftentimes, you get really good photos.

I thought I would do a Flashback Friday, #fbf, post highlighting this photo I took on my way home from Toronto back in May.

Plane Window View

I love this photo because of all the green hills and the windy river cutting through. Most of all I love how the clouds are just dappled over the landscape. Like someone just sprinkled dollops of clouds overhead.

I don’t know where this photo was as I’m not sure of the route the plane took. I know when I drive to Toronto we go through upstate New York (and maybe Pennsylvania?), but I don’t know what route the plane takes so somewhere in the northeast!

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