White Eyelet Romper
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White Eyelet Romper

Happy Sunday! I’m writing this post ahead of the weekend because I’m going to be out all weekend for my birthday and the Backstreet Boys concert so hopefully it’s all going well and I’ll have fun stories to tell tomorrow! But, if you follow my Instagram stories then you may have seen my stories from Thursday that I was invited for a private tour of the new Chambers Center by PALM Health and got to experience a few of the services. I’m going to write up a post all about that for tomorrow, but I wanted to share what I wore that day! Well, pretty much what I wore. I did switch out the purse to a crossbody bag for the actual tour so I wouldn’t have to hand carry it and I wore a different tan sandal. But, the eyelet romper is the same!

Also, sorry there are so many photos of this one outfit. I couldn’t narrow it down further!

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Romper: ASOS | Purse: Amazon (here) | Bracelets: Vici | Sunglasses: Amazon (here) | Sandals: Amazon (here)

I love the fit of this eyelet romper and I think it’s so good. It is a little low cut, but not so low that my bra shows or anything so it’s just really flattering. I kept it neutral with the clear and tan bag which is a designer dupe from Amazon and my nude studded jelly sandals, also from Amazon. My leopard print oversized sunglasses are also a designer dupe – a dupe for Gucci sunglasses – from Amazon. Then, I added a little pop of color with my meteorite and moon beaded bracelets from Vici with the gold and turquoise.

I did wear the bracelets on Thursday with the eyelet romper for my PALM Health tour. I switched out the sandals only because they’re doing roadwork on my street and driveway so I wanted sandals that were a little sturdier to dodge all the paving trucks, gravel, and steamrollers outside my door! I also had to forgo the sunglasses because I’ve been wearing my glasses for the past 11 days, unfortunately. My eye doctor wants me to take a 2 week break from my contacts and use all kinds of eye drops due to my dry eyes. It’s really annoying, but I’ve been dealing with it pretty well. Although, at the time of my writing this I’m considering wearing my contacts for the Backstreet Boys concert….

Overall, love this eyelet romper and all the accessories here!

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