Backstreet Boys Concert

One week ago I went to the Backstreet Boys concert in Philadelphia with my bff. We last saw them six years ago in NJ so when we saw that they were doing a tour and coming to our area we got tickets. Coincidentally when we went six years ago it was the night before my birthday and this time around it was the night after!

Back in the day when you had to choose whether you were Team BSB or Team NSYNC, I was an NSYNC girl through and through. Although, I still bought the BSB albums and knew all their songs but you know, you had to “choose” and I loved Justin Timberlake. But like I said I still liked the Backstreet Boys songs and since Justin Timberlake went solo after 3 NSYNC albums, BSB just has so many more songs.

The show was a lot of fun. We had pretty good seats on the side of the arena. The boys sang a mix of a few newer songs and a bunch of their old hits. It was a lot of fun to sing along to the songs. The guys’ voices are just as good now as back when I was in middle school!

During the show we were laughing because a while ago I had read an article about their tour with New Kids on the Block. The article talked about how the NKOTB guys are older than the BSB guys but seem to be all about working out and looking hot, wearing less clothing on stage. Whereas the Backstreet Boys were piling on the layers. We were laughing because it seemed true! After one of their outfit changes they came out wearing full on plaid, flannel, sweaters, hats, etc. It’s August and in the 90s and they were dressed like it was the middle of winter haha.

Here are some photos and videos! from the show!

Backstreet Boys ConcertBackstreet Boys Concert 1Backstreet Boys Concert 2Backstreet Boys Concert 3Backstreet Boys Concert 4Backstreet Boys Concert 5Backstreet Boys Concert 6Backstreet Boys Concert 7Backstreet Boys Concert 8Backstreet Boys Concert 9Backstreet Boys Concert 10Backstreet Boys Concert 11Backstreet Boys Concert 12Backstreet Boys Concert 13Backstreet Boys Concert 14Backstreet Boys Concert 15

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