White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress
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White Smocked Eyelet Dress

The story behind this maxi dress is a long one. When I first saw it online I loved it. It looked perfect for summer. Crisp white, eyelet,Β and smocked – could it get any better? It was sold out and there was a sign up for restock alerts with a note on the date it would be back which was like a month or something later. So I signed up and patiently waited. The day it came back in stock, I added it to my cart and checked out. Happy knowing that soon I’d be the owner of a white smocked eyelet dress.

Of course, things didn’t quite go as smooth as your normal online order. I’d ordered from this boutique many times before with no issue and this time wasn’t the boutique’s fault at all. I got an email notification that the dress was shipped. About a week later I realized I forgot about the dress and I didn’t receive it. I tracked the package and it said USPS delivered it “in or at mailbox” days earlier. I hadn’t gotten anything and it couldn’t be left outside my mailbox because I live in a townhouse and so it would either be in my locked mailbox or at my front door. This also rules out someone stealing it from my mailbox. I waited another day in case USPS marked it as delivered but it wasn’t coming until the next day, despite it being about 2-3 days since it was supposedly delivered. I reached out to the boutique, but I knew it wasn’t on them. They said if I didn’t get it I’d have to report it to the Post Office. So I filled out one of those reports on the USPS website thinking it would take them ages to get back to me. I actually got a phone call from the post office the next day and they said that they spoke to the mail carrier and it should be delivered that day. Lo and behold it was in my mailbox along with another package I had been missing for weeks and had resigned to have lost in the mail. I got a follow up phone call from the post office asking if I got the package and I said I did. The woman who was talking to me this time asked about the situation and I said that it was marked as delivered about a week earlier and I had just received it. She responded with “Hmm that’s troubling”…Honestly I think my mailman just doesn’t pay attention. The next week I legit had 3 pieces of mail that belonged to all different people on my street so I had to leave it at all their doors. I knocked/rang their doorbells but it was during the work day so I left their mail inside their screen doors.

Anyway, I have no idea where it was all this time?! Sitting in the mail truck? In someone else’s mailbox who never gets their mail? I have no idea, but I have the dress now!

White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi DressWhite Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 1White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 2White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 3White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 4White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 5White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 6White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 7White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 8White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 9White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 10White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 11White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 12White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 13White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 14White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 15White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 16White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 17White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 18White Smocked & Eyelet Maxi Dress 19Pandora Bracelet

Dress: Pink Lily Boutique | Sandals: DSW | Bracelet: Pandora

I love everything about this dress as I predicted I would. The details are so good and I love the smock detailing on top to make it stretchy and comfortable. And the eyelet skirt is perfect. The tie straps add more detail to the dress since you can tie them in bows.

I wore this maxi dress out to dinner with my family for an early birthday dinner. Since it is all white I decided to wear colorful sandals to pop against the white. I also wore my new Pandora bracelet – a post all about that to come in the near future.

The dress was totally worth the wait and mail issues!

My sandals are old, but you can shop my dress and bracelet below!

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