Two-Toned Green Sherpa
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Green Two-Toned Sherpa

We got a glimpse of spring yesterday with temperature soaring in to the 70s! It was beautiful and sunny out, but today we’re back to the 50s. Since tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day I thought this was the perfect opportunity to share this green two-toned sherpa sweatshirt. It’s the perfect option for a casual St. Patrick’s look. It’s slightly cropped. I mean, it won’t show off your stomach, but it hits right at the hip. I wore it with black leggings because it didn’t really bother me that the top didn’t cover my behind. And I finished off the look with my new grey Keds slip ons. My old ones needed to be replaced because they were so old and falling apart!

Two-Toned Green Sherpa 1Two-Toned Green Sherpa 2Two-Toned Green Sherpa 3Two-Toned Green Sherpa 4Two-Toned Green Sherpa 5Two-Toned Green Sherpa 6Two-Toned Green Sherpa 7Two-Toned Green Sherpa 8Two-Toned Green Sherpa 9Two-Toned Green Sherpa

Sweatshirt: Abercrombie & Fitch | Leggings: J.Crew | Shoes: Keds via DSW

This sweatshirt was another one of my finds that I stalked online for it to come back in stock. I was looking for sherpa sweatshirts and saw this one and had to have it. First off, it’s super soft. Second, it’s green and you all know that’s my favorite color! I love the chevron style to it separating the two shades of green. It was sold out in my size (small) when I found it so I kept checking its availability pretty much every day. As soon as I saw it was in stock, I grabbed it right away because I was sure it would sell out again quickly.

I love how cozy this sweatshirt is and again, I think something like this is a great option for a low-key St. Patrick’s Day or just any day you can wear casual-wear (and it’s cold enough to wear sherpa)!

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