Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater
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Floral Embroidered Sleeve Sweater

We’re almost at the weekend! Just 2 days until we get a little break. This week hasn’t been as busy as last week for me, but I’ve been extra tired this week for some reason so it’s been just as tiring. I really need to start going to bed earlier!

Anyway, you all know by now that I love florals so when I saw this floral embroidered sleeve sweater it was an instant “add to cart”. The light pink of the sweater has a slightly mauve tone and I love it. And tons of other people loved it too because the sweater sold out before I could share it with you all on here! I’m linking to it below anyway just in case it ever comes back to LOFT and I found a similar sweater that is still available.

Embroidered Floral Sleeve SweaterEmbroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 1Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 2Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 3Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 4Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 5Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 6Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 7Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 8Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 9Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 10Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 11Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 12Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 13Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 14Embroidered Floral Sleeve Sweater 15

Sweater: LOFT | Pants: Old Navy (here) | Shoes: Clarks via DSW (here)

I paired the sweater with my beloved Mid-Rise Pixie Ankle Pants from Old Navy in grey and my favorite black flats from Clarks for a work look a few days ago. This sweater obviously works for work, but can easily be worn with jeans for a weekend look which I will for sure be doing.

As always I’ve linked to items below so you can shop this look!

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