Secret Santa/White Elephant Gift Guide

My friends from home and I have done Secret Santa for years starting in high school. It started out with putting our names on paper in a paper bag and then we started doing Elfster online. It started to get harder over the years with less people and more married couples and I always set it so that couples can’t get each other. So there have been a lot of repeats over the years. We decided this year to do White Elephant, but a “nice’ White Elephant. Let me explain what that means. Typically, White Elephants consists of gag gifts. Everyone brings a wrapped present and you put the pile of gifts in the middle. The first person takes any present they want, opens it. Then the next person decides if they want to steal the gift or choose a new one and so on. Each gift can only be stolen 3 times before it can’t be stolen anymore. We figured this would be easier because that way we’re not buying gifts for the same people over and over and you don’t have to figure out what to get for a specific person. We decided on “nice” White Elephant, because no one wants a $50 gag gift that will just take up room at home and leave us wondering what to do with it.

Since I was looking for a White Elephant gift (I got one during the pre-Black Friday sales) I thought it might be helpful to compile a short list of unisex items to give you some gift ideas. The prices of these gifts range so you can choose accordingly to your budget.

(I was going to list these in order (left to right, top to bottom), but every time I refresh the page the image above reconfigures so that’s not going to work. I trust you can figure out which item is which!)

1. Marble Cheeseboard – If you have friends who like to entertain and/or love cheese, a cheeseboard with some nice knives/tools is always a nice gift. This one has the word “Love” in gold in the center and comes with a cheese knife.

2. Sole Society – Lacey Weekender Bag I’ve heard amazing things about these vegan leather bags. This is a great gift for anyone. Who couldn’t use a new weekend bag for an overnight trip or weekend getaway? Or even as a carry-on for a longer trip.

3. Cocktail Set Like the cheeseboard, a cocktail set is a nice gift for friends who like to entertain and try their hand at mixology. This particular set lets you pick and choose the pieces so you can mix and match.

4. Bluetooth Speaker – Great choice for someone who wants to have a portable speaker around the house, outside if they are grilling or swimming, working out.

5. Bamboo Chopping Boards – I want these! I love that the boards come with a stand so you don’t have to figure out where to store them. My one reservation about matching bamboo boards is that you don’t know which one you’ve reserved for raw meat, vegetables, etc. These boards have you covered as they have metal tabs with little symbols so you know which is which!

6. Instax Camera – This is such a fun gift idea for any of your friends who like to make fun photo memories or scrapbook. It’s also a just a fun way to take photos with friends for some memorable moments

7. Weighted Blanket – I don’t have a weighted blanket, but I do kind of want one. I’ve heard they make you sleep so soundly and lessen anxiety etc. This one must be amazing because it has over 10,000 5 star reviews!! 10,000!

8. Plaid Sherpa Blanket – I bought this last year for myself and as a gift. It is so festive with the plaid and extremely cozy! Who doesn’t love a good sherpa blanket?

9. Shiatsu Massager – I’ve been hearing about these kinds of massagers for a few weeks now and they look so cool! Just drape it over your neck/back of your shoulders and you can put your arms through the little slings to keep the massager in place. I might get this for my parents actually.

I hope my little gift guide helps gives you some ideas! I tried to keep it good for anyone and not just girly or guy gifts

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