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So even though I’m not in my condo full-time yet I have decorated it for Christmas. I would probably do a little bit more if renovations weren’t still getting finished up, but I think it’s actually pretty festive considering I’m not in there fully yet.

I wrote about myBalsam Hill tree last week, which I am excited about and adore. Now let’s talk about the other holiday decor I have out. Most of the items are things I either bought last year or have had for a long time.

Christmas Tree

First, my garland. I bought this garland and matching wreath from Target last year. Last year I had it on my mantle and the wreath above the fireplace. I don’t have a fireplace at my new place so I put the garland on my entertainment unit. I haven’t hung up the matching wreath. I thought about hanging it on my coat closet door in the foyer, but haven’t since the painter needs to touch up in the foyer.


I couldn’t find this exact one this year, but here is a similar one.

Next, on my coffee table I put out my Christmas Tree mason jars. I made these snowy Christmas jars a few years ago. They are probably my favorite and most successful craft! I love them! You can read about how I made them in this post here.

Christmas Tree Mason JarsChristmas Tree Mason Jars 1

I’ve always wanted a Christmas village. I had a friend growing up whose family had such a huge village and they would add to it every year. It basically took over their entire family room every year. They would have to put big folding tables out in their family room. I’m not sure I’d ever create one that big, but who knows. Anyway, when I was browsing Christmas decor I was trying to figure out what I wanted to buy this year. I had my eyes on some bright, glittery pieces, and some more grown up decor. Ultimately, I decided to start a grown-up collection of Lenox pieces! I got this starter piece set which includes an inn, Christmas tree, and snowman. The inn lights up and is adorable!

Lenox Mistletoe ParkLenox Mistletoe Park 1

You may have noticed that next to my little Lenox set is a vintage style ceramic tree. I made this last year at a ceramics studio! By made it I mean I painted it.

Vintage Ceramic Christmas Tree

On my little countertop/window opening between my kitchen and dining area, I put a glittery Merry Christmas sign that I bought from Target last year. I didn’t see the gold version this year, but I did see a festive red one (here).

I put out a little nutcracker that I bought last year or the year before too and I got 2 glittery gift boxes from Kirklands when I was there Thanksgiving weekend. When I tried to find the gift boxes online, I couldn’t find the exact ones but I found ones in different colors like (this one). Apparently they’re ornaments, but I didn’t know that when I bought them. They are pretty big to be ornaments!

I also put out my snowman candle stand from Bath & Body Works on the little strip of countertop. It’s from a few years ago and it was perfect to hold my wax Christmas candle that I got while in San Francisco this past summer at a shop that hand makes all the candles in-store.

Glittery Christmas DecorGlittery Christmas Decor 1Glittery Christmas Decor 2

On my two new end tables, I put little decorations as well. When I was at Pier 1 looking for some decor, I saw 2 beautiful hand painted ornaments. I couldn’t decide between the two and bought both. They are a frosty white with glittery hand painted designs and gorgeous. I put them in a fishbowl with other red, green, and gold ornaments. The white, hand painted ornaments being the stars of the show. (Side note, I love my new lamp!)

Fishbowl OrnamentsFishbowl Ornaments 1Fishbowl Ornaments 2Fishbowl Ornaments 3

On the other end table, I have a light up gift box that I bought from my friend’s mom years ago. Her mom makes these glass boxes with your choice of ribbon and your choice of lights inside.

Glass Gift BoxGlass Gift Box 1Glass Gift Box 2

I’m almost done!

In my room I put the little burlap bottomed tree with vintage style ornaments that I bought last year.

Burlap Christmas TreeBurlap Christmas Tree 1

The pre-lit mini tree this year from Target is a flocked version and my vintage style ornaments from Anthropologie are almost the same this year, but the coloring is a little different.

Speaking of vintage things. My parents have had this ceramic Santa for as long as I can remember. I always thought they had bought this old style Santa, but when I asked if I could bring it to my place my parents happily gave it away. Not because they don’t like it but because they want to get rid of things that are just sitting around. So as I was saying I thought they bought this Santa that they would put out by the tree since I was a baby. Apparently they had a neighbor at our old house (we moved out of that house a few blocks away when I was less than 2 years old so this Santa is from a long time ago!) that made it at a ceramics place.

Ceramic Santa

Okay, last 2 things. My mom bought me a pointsettia, so I have that out. I had it on the wall by my stairs at first and now I have it on my dining table as a centerpiece.


And lastly, I have a pre-lit wreath on my door. I bought this from Costco last year. It’s battery operated and you can do white lights or color lights. I didn’t find it at Costco when I looked online last night, but here is a similar one.

Pre-Lit Wreath

Okay, that took me longer to write up than I anticipated, but I wanted to show you what I put together for this year!

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