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Bring the Joy

Happy New Year! I’m hoping for a much better year than 2020. A year where we can gather with our friends and family and not worry about getting sick. A year where we can thrive and continue making our dreams happen. A year where we don’t have to worry every time we get a news alert that the president has again done something stupid or cruel.

In 2020, I didn’t get to see friends or go to big gatherings. I taught remotely for 3 months. Vacations were canceled. Weddings were postponed. And some of the bad things that happened weren’t COVID related at all, but added to the overall disaster of 2020. 2 of my close friends lost parents this year – one unexpectedly and one after a long battle with cancer. It’s been a tough year.

But there were a few bright spots. I began writing fiction after years of dreaming up story ideas. It led me to Wattpad and I’ve published 3 books and a few short stories on the site. It’s brought me great joy and it’s led me to new friends.

I started working out on the Peloton and haven’t been this motivated to exercise in a long time. I ride at least 4 times a week and have slowly been incorporating some of the other workouts on there like core and yoga. Eventually I want to add in pilates and try barre out.

I got a new car the day after Christmas after contemplating it for much of 2019. My beloved Jetta turned 10 and it was time for a change while it was still in good shape to offer some trade in value.

So the year wasn’t a total waste, but I would definitely like happier times for 2021!

When trying to do a Christmas craft a few weeks ago it did not go as planned at all. I thought that was pretty symbolic of 2020. Having a plan and vision for how it will go. It not looking anything like what you had planned and rolling with it anyway. I had planned to take leftover wrapping paper scraps and fold them into 3D stars or lucky stars. My cousin used to fold them all the time when I was little and she had a jar of pretty different colored 3D stars. I watched a few YouTube tutorials and it seemed easy enough. Yeah, didn’t work at all for me. But, I had these random scraps of paper now so I just curled them with my scissors like ribbons and put them in a Christmas star shaped dish. Like 2020, I just made the best of a failed attempt.

So now let’s bring the joy to 2021! When I saw this sweatshirt at Old Navy, I had to have it. I love the color and the gold foil writing that says “bring the joy”. It’s just the mantra I need for the new year!

Sweatshirt: Old Navy (here) | Jeans: Old Navy (here)

I wish you a happy, healthy 2021. May this new year be much kinder to you than 2020!

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