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Leopard Print Loungewear Set

I’m really late to the matching loungewear set craze that went on when quarantine first began in March. I think because even though I was technically teaching remotely from home, I still wore “regular” clothes since I was on camera with my students.

Now, I love my comfies. If you really know me you know as soon as I walk in the house I’m changing into comfy clothes whether they match or not is irrelevant. In fact I’ve been on Instagram stories many times before where I say “please disregard the fact that I’m not matching right now.”

Anyway, back in the fall I saw so many cute matching sets so I had to finally get some for myself. The one I’m sharing you today is a leopard print set with a henley style top. The material is buttery soft and stretchy. It’s a bit too thin for the cold winters here so when I wore this last weekend I felt fine for most of the day but then started to get cold in the evening.

Lounge Set: Abercrombie & Fitch

This set can be worn around the house casually like I wore it here or even as pajamas. They are lightweight enough that they can be worn year-round.

This particular print is currently sold out but I’ve linked to the pieces just in case they come back. I’ve rounded up some other loungewear options from Abercrombie in case you are interested though!

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