Spicy Cheesy Bread

Jalapeno Cheesy Bread

Today’s food post is a little bit different, because I am showing you how you can make this jalapeno cheesy bread but the photos I took are of a time that I made it with leftover ingredients. This is perfect for while we’re all home because you might have some of these items or similar items and can also throw it together.

I have made this spicy cheesy bread countless times. Almost every time I’ve made it, I’ve followed this recipe.

For the original recipe, you need:

  • baguette
  • cream cheese
  • garlic
  • cheddar cheese
  • parmasan
  • jalapeno
  • tobasco sauce (I use sriracha)
  • salt & pepper

The amount of each depends on how much you’re making so I follow the recipe linked above and just adjust to how much halves of baguette I’m making.

If you follow that recipe, as I usually do, it will turn out looking like this…

Spicy Cheesy Bread 9

First, warm up the baguettes in the oven to lightly toast. Then, spread the mixture on the halves of baguette. The mixture is the cream cheese, parmesan, cheddar cheese, garlic, jalapeno, tobasco (sriracha), salt & pepper. Spread it on top and then bake it until everything is all melted and bubbling.

It’s so easy!

The photo above is when I made this last week, but below are step-by-step photos I took last year with leftovers to make a similar cheesy bread.

So when I took these photos last year, I didn’t have cream cheese, but I had leftover sauce from when I made some copycat Taco Bell chicken quesadillas and if you’ve had those before you know there is that creamy, spicy sauce in them. So instead of cream cheese, I used this thick sauce. I also did not have jalapeno, but I had leftover serrano peppers so I used those.

Spicy Cheesy BreadSpicy Cheesy Bread 1Spicy Cheesy Bread 2Spicy Cheesy Bread 3Spicy Cheesy Bread 4Spicy Cheesy Bread 5Spicy Cheesy Bread 6Spicy Cheesy Bread 7Spicy Cheesy Bread 8

As you can see the way I normally make it, everything is more mixed together, but this way with all my leftovers was just as delicious.

I’m showing this to you because it just shows that you can always adapt recipes to work with what you have! And since so many of us are making as few trips to the supermarket as possible, you may have some little bits and bobs leftover in your fridge that you’re trying to figure out what to do with before it goes bad – so here’s an idea!

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