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Happy Friday! This week went by pretty fast, so that’s good I guess? Hopefully, with each passing day we’re closer to some of our lockdown restrictions getting lifted.

I have been wanting to try out this TAO Clean Orbital Facial Brush for months. I saw it on Alexa Anglin’s instagram stories months ago and it looked so cool. IT’s a facial cleansing brush, but what’s different about this one compared to other popular facial brushes like the Clarisonic, is that this one has a docking station that cleans and dries it. That was really appealing to me. You just put the brush back in the docking station and over time it dries and cleans the brush with UVC lights to kill 99.9% of the bacteria on the brush. I don’t own another facial brush, but I never thought about the fact that you’re leaving a wet brush to just dry on your counter leaving it a hot bed for bacteria.

The brush comes in so many colors and I decided on the robin’s egg blue color. It comes with 2 brush heads – one daily brush and one exfoliating brush – and clam shell cases to keep them stored for safe keeping when you’re not using them.

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I’ve been using the brush for the past week and I already feel like my skin is a little bit smoother. I haven’t noticed dramatic differences yet since it’s only been a week, but I do feel like I have less dry areas.

So here’s how you use the brush. After, I remove my makeup, I wet the TAO brush. Then, I put a little bit of cleanser in the middle of the brush. When you turn the brush on there are two settings. One setting is a slower, gentler setting and the other is a faster setting. I’ve been using it on the slower setting. Then, very lightly put the brush against your face. The brush will move in circular motions on its own so you just have to sweep it around the areas of your face. You don’t need to press down, just have the brush lightly against your face. The brush will stop for a second and then re-start so that’s the time to move to another area of your face. I have been doing two passes around my face, but it’s all personal preference.

Once I’m done, I place the brush head down (brush up) and rinse my face since it’s all soapy. When I’m done washing my face, I rinse the brush and use my fingers to get all the dirt and leftover cleanser out of the bristles. Then, place it back in the docking station and it will light up. When it lights up blue the UVC light is working. The light will go on and off the entire time it’s plugged in to keep the brush clean.

One mistake I made the first night I used it was unplugging it the next day. I thought it would be all dry and clean the next day and I figured I could just unplug it until I was going to use it again at night. Well, I went to check on it during the afternoon just out of curiosity and it was still damp. I was confused since it’s supposed to dry the brush. Well, what I think happens is that it slowly dries the brush and keeps it clean with the on/off UV light. So I plugged it back in and by the evening it was completely dry and felt warm. So keep it plugged in until completely dry – around 24 hours! I think if you’re not using it every night you can unplug it after it’s completely dry.

My other tip for you is to lift the docking station up in the morning and wipe the counter. Since the station has an open bottom, the water from the wet brush does get onto the counter. The drying of the brush drives water off the brush. So I just wipe the water off the counter underneath the station in the morning.

So far I am loving the brush! It has been well worth the money and it’s actually incredible affordable!

UPDATE: TAO Clean reached out to me and offered my readers a discount! Use code TAO62JAMIE for 62% off! Click here and if the discount isn’t already applied in cart just use my code!

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