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Shape Tape Body Makeup

I’ve mentioned on here before that I have bouts of eczema at times. For the past two years I’ve had two small patches of eczema on both shins that never fully go away even with cream from the dermatologist. Sometimes it’s hardly noticeable and sometimes it flares up. While they’re not big patches, when there’s a flare up it’s not cute with the red bumps. Now with summer around the corner, I wanted to try body makeup to cover up the red bumps when I wear dresses, shorts, etc.

Kim Kardashian’s body makeup is really famous and I can believe that it’s good because Kim has psoriasis so I know she wants that covered up. But, I decided to try out the Tarte Shape Tape Body Makeup first because my love/hate relationship for the Kardashian-Jenners makes me not want to spend money on their products unless I really feel the need to. Anyone else?

So I got this Shape Tape Body Makeup a few weeks ago and I’ve tried it a few times now. I also got the brush tool for applying it.

Shape Tape Body MakeupShape Tape Body Makeup 1Shape Tape Body Makeup 2

So in the photo with my legs straight out, sitting on the floor, you can’t see my eczema flair out thanks to the lighting from the sun, but it’s there. I think the Shape Tape does a decent job of lightning the redness. I got “Fair” because my legs are pale and I didn’t want to have darker legs than arms. But, I think I probably could’ve done a shade darker and that may have covered the redness better and involved less layers of product. The brush is really easy to sweep the product on and I think the product goes on really nicely. It feels just like a slightly thicker lotion. No streaks or anything.

Overall, I think it’s a good product, but I don’t think it works magic on eczema – probably mostly due to it being a texture issue. With eczema the patches are bumpy so makeup is going to fix that, but I’m glad it covers up some of the redness!

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