NYX Correcting Concealer

NYX Correcting Concealer

I’ve always been intrigued by colored concealers that are geared towards specific purposes. NYX has 22 shades in their Hi Definition Photo Concealer line and I picked up the green shade which is supposed to conceal/correct redness.

NYX Correcting Concealer 1NYX Correcting ConcealerNYX Correcting Concealer 2

I have been using the green concealer for a few weeks now and first of all I have to say it is a beautiful shade of green, even though that probably has nothing to do with anything. It does lessen the appearance of redness from pimples and little marks, but it’s important to note that while it takes out redness, it doesn’t fully conceal. If you want to really conceal marks you’d have to use a regular concealer on top of this green one, which I’m not sure if that’s worth it or not if you can find a concealer that will just take care of all of that with 1 product. I guess it depends on how red the redness you’re trying to conceal is.

A tip i’ve learned is to apply this green concealer on before foundation. Normally, I put on primer, foundation, then concealer to provide further coverage where needed. However, that doesn’t work here because the green is so prominent that if you do it after the foundation it’s going to take a lot of work to work it in so you don’t see green. So what I do is put primer on, use the green concealer, then I take my foundation brush and start to dab/buff in the concealer. You don’t have to work it in completely, just most of the way in. Then, do your foundation and when you’re buffing the foundation in it will further work the green concealer in.

Overall, I like the idea of this concealer, but I don’t think I’d repurchase it. I’d rather just use 1 concealer that takes care of everything.

Do you have a favorite concealer?

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