Ingenious Ways To Save Family Memories

Time goes by so quickly, and it can feel like you are trying to stand still just for a moment to soak it all in. Which is why it can be essential to save all of those beautiful moments in a way that celebrates them and lets you look back over them any time you like. So here are some ingenious ways to save family memories – so you can admire them forever. 


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Not everyone heads off to far flung locations, many of us stay trips closer to home. Not only are they better on the budget, but it gives you a chance to explore new areas that surround you. If you do travel to lots of countries, then you probably have a vast back catalogue of photos and memories that you want to show too. 


Here are a few ways to help save your stunning travel memories:
Small clear jars are the perfect way to take little bottles of sea or sand home. You can seal the cork top by adding some glue to the rim. Turning them into a necklace doesn’t take long at all, and that means you can keep your favourite beach memories with you forever. 

Shell collecting is something that most children love to do. Let them choose one special shell from each place that you visit and use them to decorate a plain wooden photo frame. Choose your favourite family photo to put inside, and you have something personalized and pretty. 

If you travel a lot and are a bit of a magpie, you might decide that small memory boxes are the best thing to do. You can purchase a range of smaller wooden boxes. Thes can be decorated with paint or even newspapers that you pick up on your travels. You can place things like postcards, shells, ticket stubs and photos inside. These can be small and physical reminders of the fun that you had. 


There are likely many members of your family. Some have DNA connections, and other people are so close that you feel like they are family. Unfortunately, people don’t get to light up our lives forever, but here are some ways that you can celebrate them while they are here. 

If you have a lot of photos and aren’t sure how to pick the best ones, then it might be time to make a giant piece of art. You can use all of the photos that you love and have them printed on a canvas or a poster. When framed, they make a statement and are lovely to look at. 

When someone passes, it can be hard to know what to do, how you can celebrate them in the best way. cremation jewelry for the ashes of a loved one is very popular. It can be rings, necklaces and almost any pendant shape you like. This makes you feel like your family member is close to you forever. 

A giant map with little hearts placed where everyone in your family lives. This can be made even more fun if you decide to trace your lineage using something like 

A wall gallery has the same feel as the poster or canvas, but instead of picking a lot of photos, you are more likely to choose the ones you love the most. Arrange them in an interesting style, Pinterest can help with some fun ideas for a photo gallery wall. 

Time Capsules

The great thing is that you can start a time capsule at any time. The younger your children are when you start, the better, but in general, you can do it any time. You’ll need to choose your time capsule; first, you can get specially made time capsule boxes. These will be ideal for lasting through bad weather and years in the dirt. 

You’ll have to choose where to save your time capsule. You might choose to bury it in the earth, in which case choose your home or your relatives’ home – that they own. This will minimize the chance of having to move and forgetting the capsule. You can also simply save it in the garage. 

You can include a wide range of memories, but it is best to avoid foodstuffs and fresh flowers as they can go mouldy. Write down the price of things like milk, eggs, and other essentials. 

Leave a list of your favourite things, like books, movies or even weather type. In years to come, when the capsule is opened, it can serve as a lovely reminder of that time. 


We live in a digital world, and while Instagram is fun to show and share memories, the best ones should be printed. Scrapbooking can be a really fun and immersive hobby too. There are so many different styles of scrapbooks, and the embellishment. 

To start, you will need to choose a scrapbook that you like the size off. Paper quality, little pockets, room for extra inserts, it all matters. You could choose a plain cover so that you can decorate it yourself. The history of a family is always interesting for people, so keeping scrapbooks can give them an insight into who you are as a family, what you enjoy and can be precious. 

Here are some ideas for your scrapbook:

  • Maps of the locations that you have visited
  • Swap glue for glue dots, as they are less messy
  • Envelopes are great for adding storage to your scrapbook
  • Washi tape is a firm favourite for scrapbooking
  • You can even paint, watercolours look beautiful 

Ingenious ways to save family memories can be simple and a lot of fun. Everyone can get involved and add memories that mean something to them. It is a chance to get creative, and make something that can help you remember the fun times, and the best people in your life forever. 

Whether you choose a time capsule or a gallery wall, take time choosing photos that make you smile, and it will have the same effect for years. 

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