#fbf Double Rainbow

Happy Friday! So as I write this ahead fo time (Thursday night) the election results are still up in the air, but before I went to bed they said there was a possibility of Pennsylvania numbers to come in in the middle of the night so there’s a chance that a winner has been declared when this post goes live.

All week I’ve been wearing jewelry that I see as good luck or for good vibes like my evil eye ring, charm bracelet with a horseshoe on it, horseshoe pendant yesterday, and today I’m wearing my evil eye bangle. I want all the good luck/vibes I can get for this election week!

In that vain, I’m sharing this photo I took back in September of a double rainbow. Everyone always love a rainbow and when it’s a double rainbow, that’s even better! This double rainbow is a little faint, but it’s there!

Wishing you all a good Friday and here’s hoping for some good news!

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