Things You Can Do To Reduce Condensation At Home

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If you don’t know, condensation in the home is more than steamy windows. It’s a breeding ground for bacteria, particularly mold, and once they start to multiply, it’s tough to eliminate it for good. You’re probably looking at your windows with a newfound sense of fear, but you shouldn’t fret. 

By eliminating the condensation, you can drastically reduce the chances of damp and mold, ensuring your property is safe and secure all year round. Of course, you need to understand the best tactics and techniques, which is why you should continue reading.

These are the things you can do to reduce condensation at home.

Target The Usual Suspects

Each room is different and has contrasting qualities and personalities. Therefore, some areas of the home are more prone to condensation and the side-effects, such as the bathroom and kitchen. With all the moisture and hot air, it’s no wonder the walls are dripping! Thankfully, there’s a straightforward fix – crack a window. Opening a window in the moistest places of the house should encourage a steady flow of air and improve circulation. Be warned – you can’t be a fair-weather homeowner. To use this trick to take care of condensation, you must do it during the winter too!

Trust In Technology

Thank God for technology. As tech has improved over the years, the options on the table for property owners are broader than ever. For example, to take the moisture of the air, you can turn on a dehumidifier. After emptying the tank, the atmosphere should be very pure. Alternatively, a top-class HVAC unit can contribute to superior air quality by reducing the pollutants that cause bacteria to grow and spread. Either of these machines is helpful, but heating, ventilation, and air conditioning are usually easier on your skin as it doesn’t remove all the moisture.

Generate Less Moisture

Condensation is all about moisture. The less of it there is, the smaller the problem. Unfortunately, a modern home creates tons of moisture daily, so you might feel as if you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. For instance, you can’t stop generating steam when you cook. This is true, but you can prevent it from getting into the air and landing on surfaces by placing lids on pans. Clothes-wise, you should attempt to vent them outside if you don’t have a dryer so that the water isn’t released into the house.

Remove Blockages

There are more ventilation features in your home than doors and windows. The latter might be the most common and effective, but they require help if you plan on keeping black mold away for good. As such, it’s essential to check your home for any blockages, such as around the chimney or by the walls and furniture. Any furniture that is tight to the walls traps moisture and prevents it from circulating. Therefore, you should always leave a gap of a couple of centimeters between the bottom of the sofa, for instance, and the skirting board.

Hopefully, this helps you to keep your home safe during these uncertain times!

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