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Tula Acne Spot Treatment

Have you been suffering from breakouts from wearing your face mask? They’re calling it mask-ne. So I figured this was the perfect time to try out the Tula Acne Spot Treatment since I’d heard people absolutely rave about it on social media earlier in the year.

Here’s how Tula describes the Acne Spot Treament:

Target acne fast & furious with this powerful spot treatment that is clinically-proven to calm the look of redness & irritation (90% saw less inflamed pimples in just 24hrs!). FDA-approved benzoyl peroxide plus soothing tea tree oil & probiotics fight breakouts quickly. Dries clear & wears well under makeup—making it your acne-fighting friend AM to PM.

I am liking it so far to spot treat any pimples that come up. I will say, though, that for me it hasn’t been the miracle worker that others online claimed it to be. I saw so many people say they got a pimple one day and then applied the spot treatment and it was gone overnight. It’s been a longer process for me, but it has helped any little pimples that show up under control.

So is it worth it? I like it, but it’s not an overnight miracle worker if that’s what you thought it would be. At least it isn’t for me. It’s $20 which is on par with many other acne treatments.

Are there any spot treatments that you swear by?

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