Book Review: Someone to Watch Over

I spent the past week reading Someone to Watch Over by William Schreiber. The novel follows siblings Lennie (Eleanor) and John, both in their 40s, coming to terms with their past and strained relationship. Lennie hasn’t been home to Tennessee nor seen her brother since she was a teenager and he was off to college. Growing up in a small town, their father toiled his whole life working at a quarry for a rich family that owned the town. This family poisoned Lennie’s whole life leaving her a pregnant 16 year old who was forced to give up her baby and fleeing to wander the country for the next 25 years.

When Lennie comes back to Tennessee, she wants to see her father, try to repair their relationship, and find out what happened to her baby. But, she’s afraid. Before she can speak to her father, he passes away, leaving her without closure and answers.

John, while staying in Tennessee, created a successful life for himself with a wife, children, and thriving career. He still visited with his father, but upon his father’s death feels like he never really knew him.

Through the novel, the brother and sister pair, re-trace their stops on a road trip they took with their father when they were kids. The problem? There are still hurt and bitter feelings towards each other and they can’t get along for more than 5 minutes at a time. On top of that, Lennie believes she is receiving messages, signs, signals from angels and/or her late mother and father. But will John believe her and what are they trying to tell her?

I really enjoyed this novel and couldn’t put it down all week. I believe that is really down to the talent of the author (because at times I did not find either main character particularly likable!) and how beautifully descriptive his writing is. The power of love and forgiveness shines through the story, which I found really comforting.

*This book was sent to be complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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