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Our Place – Always Pan

If you are on social media at all you’ve probably heard of the infamous Always Pan by Our Place. I saw so many people last fall raving about it that I really wanted to get one for myself to see if it was worth the hype. It is so popular that there are often waitlists. It took quite a bit for me to get my pan so by the time I got it I was like this better be worth it.

I decided to get a pan as a Christmas gift for my mom and get one for myself at the same time. I believe I ordered the pans in October because I saw that the wait time for the colors I wanted were 6-8 weeks. I also ordered bamboo steamers which wouldn’t end up arriving until January, but are worth it fyi. I ordered the “Blue Salt” color for my mom and the “Spice” color for me. So the “Spice” pan was supposed to get delivered to me right before Thanksgiving and the “Blue Salt” right before Christmas. To make a long story short, UPS said they delivered it – I never got it. I think they delivered it to the wrong address and the people kept it instead of returning it or dropping it off at my doorstop. Rude. Anyway, because it was Thanksgiving and the company was backed up with the craze for their products, I waited a few days for a response from them about my missing pan. In the meantime, the company was running a Black Friday sale. Unsure I would get that missing pan, I ordered another pan with the Black Friday discount. Then, Our Place got back to me and was very kind and said they would replace my pan and send me a new one but that “Spice” wouldn’t be back in stock until January. In addition to that if I did end up receiving the lost pan, I could keep that one too!

My missing pan never turned up, but I got my other two and ended up giving one to my brother for his birthday. I really do love the pan and think it’s worth it. It cooks well and is seriously nonstick. It’s a little heavy, but if you’ve ever used Le Creuset cookware, this isn’t that different weight wise. It is extremely easy to clean too – now burned bits or discoloration inside from cooking. And I love that the spoon they give you sits right on the handle for easy stowing when cooking.

A few weekends ago I made Swedish Pancakes (old blog post on that recipe here – sorry for the horrible photos in that post – it is from 2014!) in my mom’s pan.

The Always Pan isn’t cheap, but if you’re looking to invest in a piece of cookware that is multi-purpose (you can steam, sautee, braise, fry, boil, etc. in it) then I do think it does lives up the hype.

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