Swedish Pancakes

Everytime I go to IHOP, which is only maybe once or twice a year, I get the Swedish Crepes (with a side of bacon of course). I love them and I never order anything else. I think it’s one of those situations where if I did order something else just to try to switch it up, I’d immediately regret not getting the Swedish Crepes because who knows when I’d go back next. What makes Swedish Crepes different than regular crepes, I’m not sure, but anyway, I decided to try to find a recipe to make them myself.

While searching on the Internet, I found Swedish Pancake recipes and the pictures look pretty much the same as the crepes, so I assume it’s basically the same thing? I found, and used, this one from  The Food Network with a modification.

The whole process is fairly simple, but time consuming, so don’t decide to make this thinking it will be a quick breakfast!

The recipe calls for butter, flour, milk, eggs, vanilla extract, salt, and then whatever toppings you want. It’s easy in the sense that all these ingredients (minus the toppings), go into the blender and then get poured or ladled into the skillet.

IMG_6525 IMG_6526

Next, you want to preheat your oven to 200. The pancakes won’t be baked, but as you make them you can keep them in the oven to stay warm – like I said this is not a quick meal!

IMG_6527 IMG_6528

Then, I ladled the batter into the skillet. Now, the Food Network recipe calls for the skillet to be buttered, but considering that you’d probably have to butter the skillet after each pancake or at the very least every 2 (that’s a lot of butter!), I decided against that and decided to use Canola Oil on the pan instead. I left the pancake on the skillet until it started to get a little golden on the bottom and then flipped it to cook the other side.

Once I took them off the skillet, I folded the circles into quarters to create a sort of triangle, and put them on the baking sheet in the oven to keep warm.


Finally, once all the batter is gone, they’re ready to be served! When you taste the pancake alone, it’s a little bland and plain tasting. Emeril Lagasse, I believe, has a recipe that incorporated some sugar into the batter which would make it a little sweeter. However, once I put my toppings on, I felt like it was perfect so I don’t think adding sugar to the batter is necessary. At IHOP, it comes with lingonberries and unfortunately I didn’t have any fresh berries on hand, but I made do. I decided to use Strawberry preserves and powdered sugar.


It was delicious and something I am definitely going to make again! The only downside is that it takes a while to make and they’re gone so quickly!

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