275 Peloton Workouts

A few days ago I completed my 275th Peloton workout! The bulk of the workouts have been on the bike, but about 70 of them were other things like stretching, strength, yoga, etc. I’ve been a Peloton member for just over a year now and I still love it as much as I did when I first got my bike.

Sports Bra: American Eagle (here) | Leggings: American Eagle (here)

To celebrate my 275 workouts I wore my new black & white track style leggings and sports bra top. The material is so soft and stretchy. It also comes in a really pretty blue color and an olive green color.

I don’t think I’ve been this dedicated to a workout program in a very long time. I did kickboxing for a few years but it wasn’t consistent. I did zumba years ago as well but like kickboxing I did that maybe once a week. And I did a stint of BBG but that lasted maybe a year and it started to get more difficult to workout from home because of the equipment needed. I would’ve hit 275 workouts sooner but I had to take time off when I had Covid and after I had surgery. But I made it and I can’t wait for the next milestone!

I absolutely love my Peloton and am always trying to get more people to get a Peloton and join me. I’m so obsessed with it that the morning I was diagnosed with Covid back in March, I had had plans to ride with two of my friends. I didn’t feel good and was running a fever, but I texted my friend saying I was going to try anyway because I could sweat out the fever. My friend told me not to ride and go to the doctor instead, which is when I tested positive. More recently, I actually asked my doctor at my first post-op appointment (10 days after my surgery) if I could work out.

I do want to be better about doing non-bike workouts so maybe next time I write an update I’ll be talking about some of the other classes that I’ve been loving!

Here’s to another 275 workouts!

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