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3 Different Ways To Enjoy Toast


Toast isn’t one of the most boring breakfasts if you skip past the butter and get creative. Toast is actually one of the most developed breakfasts in the world because it incorporates one of the most widely available sources of nutrition; bread. You’ll see in places all around the world that toast is a staple breakfast because it is seen as a blank canvas. You can add so much to it and make it into something sweet, savory, meaty, cheesy, herby, spicy and just about any kind of flavor combination you want. The trick is to buy the ingredients you need to match with the kind of bread you want to eat. Not all bread is equal; there we say it!

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Classic French Toast (done the right way)

French toast is a classic and yet, so many of us get it wrong. Here is what you need to do. Beat up 2 or 3 eggs; whole. Then add 2-3 egg yolks. This gives the bread the fatty richness that is so delicious. You need to beat these eggs up and then add ground sweet cinnamon. Not the regular kind, which is slightly bitter, the sweeter kind. You also need a touch of vanilla extract and a pinch of sugar. Then you should use brioche bun loaf, to soak in the mixture. Leave it for about 30-seconds to 1-minute. Add into a buttered pan and allow it to brown on each side. You can add a dusting of caster sugar at this point and melt some butter on top for even more richness. Incredibly tasty!

Honey and banana

This is something that athletes love because it gives them three things in particular. They get carbs from the bread which is a source of high-performance energy. They get the potassium from the banana which is slow-burning energy. And they also get a boost to their immune system from the honey. Use the various kinds of Sweet Bee Gardens honey for something new and adventurous. You can also soak the banana slices in the honey overnight to merge the flavors better. It’s a good idea to smear honey on the toast first before adding the fruit, else it just falls off easily!

Feta and olive spread 

Get some feta cheese and mash it up into a paste. Add some finely chopped-up olives, green, black or purple; your choice. Then you need to add in some lemon juice; about 1 teaspoon should be fine. Grind some pepper into the pasta and then drizzle a little olive oil to make it spreadable. Get some seeded bread or perhaps a rustic Italian loaf and then put the pasta on top. This is a kind of Greek/Italian toast, inspired by the rich ingredients found in southern Europe.

Here are some great ways to enjoy toast. Which one do you think you’ll try first? We think that all of these have one thing in common, they pack a lot of nutrients into something you can hop out the door with and fuel you all the way to lunchtime. 

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