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Winning Summer Recipes

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Barbecue season will be here before you know it. The swimming pool will be open, the family will be over, and the grill will be fired up. That means, it’s time to be the host with the most and create delicious meals and recipes that everyone will love. On hot days, it’s always good to eat light and healthy in order to keep yourself full and energized. Here are some winning summer recipes you and your guests will love.


Nothing says summer like ceviche. This easy ceviche recipe is exactly what you are looking for. Ceviche is perfect in the summer because it is served cold, it is packed with spice and flavor, and it is perfect for dipping, so one huge bowl can feed everyone. Ceviche is also extremely light and made with light ingredients like fish and avocados. The best part: It only takes a few minutes to put ceviche together, so there is no level of difficulty. With one taste, your party will be a hit. 


It’s too hot to make things difficult for yourself. When it comes to barbecuing, the easier the better. Kebabs are one of those barbecue items that is simple to make, there are several different variations, and they cook in no time. You can prepare them, and when you cook them, you don’t have to be in front of the hot grill in the hot temperatures. 

Soak wooden skewers in water (this prevents them from burning), and then start putting together your kebab in the way you want it to be. You can do all vegetables for vegetarians and vegans, you can add tofu if you would like and even some fruits that grill well like pineapples. For the meat lovers, add whichever meat or fish you want and in a few short minutes you will have savory and sweet delicious foods for the whole party. Kebabs are also great because you can grill several at once. 

Pasta Salads

A nice, cold pasta salad is the perfect addition to any backyard barbecue. Cook your favorite pasta and add sliced grape tomatoes, peas, black olives, fennel, and a sprinkling of cheese. Refrigerate so that it is nice and cold, and then serve. Adding a dressing to the pasta like an oil and vinegar mixture with salt, pepper, and garlic will make all the flavors pop. 

Like the other recipes on this list, this can be made in one large quantity that everyone can pick on or add to their plate throughout the day to make it easy for you. A recipe like this only takes 20 minutes to make, and everything can be prepped while the pasta is cooking. It’s easy, it’s delicious, and it’s a winner. 


If you want to make a large pitcher of something, choose sangria. It’s always a crowd pleaser and the sweetness will keep people filling up their glasses and smiling. You can also find recipes for non-alcoholic sangria for those who don’t drink alcohol. 

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