Book Review: A Shadow of Love

Looking for a suspenseful romance novel for spooky season? Today is my date on the book tour for A Shadow of Love by Amy S. Cutler.

In this paranormal romance, Annabelle is in the middle of divorcing her abusive husband and has bought a farmhouse on a large piece of beautiful land in New York State. She was surprised to find the house and the land so reasonably priced with no competing offers. After moving in, she learns that the house has changed hands quite a few times and no one has lived there for long. Rumor has it that it is haunted after a string of tragic deaths in the family of the original owners 100 years ago.

Annabelle begins having dreams of the people who died, including Christian, who committed suicide almost 100 years ago after having his heart broken. Then, she somehow begins communicating with Christian in her dreams. She receives some signs from Christian during waking hours such as music playing, but she can only communicate with his ghost while she’s sleeping. Before she knows it, she prefers her dreaming hours to real life where she is alone and dodging her abusive ex and starts to fall in love with Christian. Even knowing the fact that it’s not really realistic to fall in love with a ghost, Annabelle can’t help but find happiness in the time she spends with him. Though she does meet a local, Ben, who she finds good looking and very nice, she can’t stop her developing feelings for Christian. Another problem (besides Christian being a ghost) is that he’s only a ghost because he was cursed by the woman who broke his heart. She saw him committing suicide and cursed him to be stuck on earth for 100 years. The 100 years is almost up. What will Annabelle do once Christian is gone?

I really enjoyed this novel and in case you’re wondering, it’s not scary! This was important for me because I do not really like scary books since I scare and get creeped out easily. Despite a ghost being one of the major characters, it’s not scary or gory or anything like that. It is a little suspenseful and has the paranormal element to the love story, but not scary. I liked the story and it was really nice to see Annabelle’s journey in learning to move on from her past and bad marriage. The ending was very sweet and I loved that the epilogue was lengthy enough to get a lot of closure.

So if you’re looking for a paranormal romance definitely check out A Shadow of Love!

*This novel was sent to me complimentary, but all opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links.*

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