Book Review: Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match

Angelika Frankenstein Makes Her Match by Sally Thorne was on my list of romance books for Halloween in yesterday’s post. It’s a fun read and spin on Frankenstein.

In this book the main character Angelika, or Jelly as her brother calls her, is the younger sister of Victor Frankenstein. Her brother will be marrying his love, Lizzie, soon and Angelika desperately wants a love of her own. But after years of bad luck and unsuitable suitors, she decides to make her own match. She’s been her brother’s assistant all these years and knows just as much as him about the experiments he does. After a trip to the morgue with her brother, she puts together her perfect match.

There is an instant attraction between Angelika and her creation whom they’ve named Will. But, Will feels like he can’t be with Angelika when he doesn’t know who he really is. Afraid that he might be a thief, criminal, or general bad person, he doesn’t think Angelika should get too close to him, until he can discover the truth about his past. The development of their relationship is coupled with another man who is now vying for Angelika’s hand in addition to Victor’s creation on the run.

This book won’t be for everyone, because the premise is a little weird and crazy. She doesn’t just bring a person back to life, she puts him together with the body parts of multiple people. But, if you can get over that and suspend belief, the love story is really sweet and in Sally Thorne fashion, there is some spice too. You just have to go into the book knowing it’s just for fun. In fact, Sally even mentions in her acknowledgements that this is Frankenstein fan fiction. Knowing all these things, I did enjoy the book!

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