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Some Vital Cosmetic Surgery Safety Tips

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Cosmetic surgery safety extends far beyond the operating room and even begins before you decide to have a procedure. There are many unscrupulous and even illegal surgeons out there that like nothing more than to take your money and send you home. So always stay aware.

First, Make Sure You Book a Consultation

Almost all reputable clinics will offer you a free consultation. During a consultation, you can get a feel for the place and have the chance to ask lots of questions. You should also be made to feel comfortable and private for some conversations, such as breast augmentation (learn more here) and other sensitive procedures. Also, any good clinic will never pressure you into paying for something and will always give you ample time to go home and think about moving forward.

Never Pay Before Cosmetic Surgery

There are many types of cosmetic surgeries you can undergo. From simple dental procedures to gender reassignment, there is also a huge range of costs. A reputable service will never pressure you into paying and will always be upfront about exactly how much you are expected to pay. Although, some might require an initial down payment to cover things like insurance or costs when you change your mind. Such as having veneers made by a third-party company.

Report Any Clinic You Feel is Illegal

Unregulated clinics are extremely dangerous. But they aren’t unheard of, especially for cosmetics. For instance, there are up to 100,000 illegal medical and cosmetics practices in China, where Western citizens go for cheaper treatments. But even in your own country, you could attend a meeting at an illegal facility. If a service includes group events with alcohol or drugs, only advertises on social media ads, or offers only mobile treatments, avoid and report.

Make Sure a Surgeon is Qualified

You have every right to ensure that anyone working on your procedures is qualified to do so. But it can be hard to tell this. So, when deciding to use a service, try the following for peace of mind:

  • Check your country’s registers (such as the CQC in the UK) for a clinic’s registration.
  • Also, check the ratings of individual practitioners and the clinic’s overall rating.
  • Ask questions about the treatment and aftercare, and they should be able to answer.
  • Also, ask about how many treatments a practitioner has done over their time at a clinic.
  • Take someone with you to ensure the right questions are asked while you’re there.
  • Remember, you can request someone else if you aren’t comfortable with a surgeon.

Think carefully before going ahead with cosmetic surgery. It’s vital that you understand how to assess a clinic and that you feel comfortable to avoid running into serious problems while there.

Consider the After Effects

Cosmetic surgery is often quick to perform. Yet the effects of a procedure can severely disrupt your life since it can take a long time to recover. For example, you will need two weeks off work to recover from a nose job. So you will need to book this as part of your personal time off. Additionally, healing from other types of surgeries will be hampered by looking after kids, doing housework, or even simple personal tasks. So always consider how your life will be affected.

Dental Cosmetic Surgery Safety 

You may think cosmetic surgery only relates to body issues. But your teeth also undergo cosmetic treatments. As such, the same concerns apply. You should check local registers to see if any dental surgeon you want to use is on there. And even non-surgical practitioners must be registered on other systems. Like other cosmetic surgeons, be mindful of the conduct, language, and knowledge of a dental surgeon when deciding to use them for any treatments.

Don’t Forget About Beauty Treatments

Finally, non-invasive beauty treatments can be just as dangerous. For example, a botched Botox treatment can result in a mismatched and misaligned face. And the pain can be terrible. So you must find a beauty technician with the same vigilance as when looking for a surgeon. And probably even more so since these treatments are so popular as a cheaper alternative. Because they are cheaper, there are many unqualified beauty technicians in operation.


You must pay attention to cosmetic surgery safety when looking for a place to seek treatment. If you don’t, it can be very dangerous, and you could end up losing a lot of money, at the very least. So, always consult, ask a ton of questions, and consider how recovery will affect your life.

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