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    Lorac – Beauty & the Beast

    I’ve been pretty good lately about not getting all the limited edition items I want, but when Lorac came out with the Beauty & the Beast collection I really wanted to get my hands on it since it is one of my favorite Disney movies ever. I got the eye palette, cheek palette, and lip glosses. I didn’t get the lipsticks because I didn’t want to go too overboard, plus if I have to choose between glosses and lipsticks, I’d pick glosses. I’ve been using these products this past week and I’ve been really liking them. The quality is great, as I’ve come to expect with the brand, and I love the…

  • lorac-evening-soiree


    Lorac Evening Soiree

    I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready to start off the new week. Today’s post is about the Lorac holiday duo – “Evening Soiree” which is a blush and highlight duo. This particular duo came out exclusively to Kohl’s during the holidays so unfortunately it’s not available any more. I know, I know – why am I sharing it if it’s not available anymore? I’m sharing it because the quality is so good, as I expected since I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Lorac product. Even though this duo isn’t available anymore, Lorac still has a variety of blush and cheek products in their permanent…

  • lorac-pro-palette 3


    Lorac Pro Palette 3

    Lorac is one of my favorite beauty brands. The eyeshadows are spectacular and so buttery soft. I haven’t tried their foundations or concealers so I can’t say it’s my all-around favorite brand, but I’ve tried items from all the other categories and they’re always winners. The Lorac Pro Palettes are super popular and cult favorites and I’m a fan of the first two so when they released Lorac Pro Palette 3 earlier this year I obviously had to get it! The first pro palette was mostly warm toned, the second was cool toned, and this one is primarily champagnes, golds, and bronzes with some darker colors like dark brown and…

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    Fall Beauty

      Fall Beauty Routine by lifeaccordingtojamie featuring LORAC For some people their beauty routines and products change drastically with each season. For me, however, the change is very subtle. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not a red lip or vampy lip lover. I think the shades definitely can look beautiful on others, but my own personal preference is for more neutral shades. With that being said, it makes sense that my makeup for the fall and winter months isn’t much different than other times in the year since one of the biggest changes people usually make is incorporating reds and berry shades into their lipstick game for the colder months.…

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    Holiday Makeup Haul

    As mentioned in my last haul, the holidays are upon us in the makeup world and in real life too. I’m a sucker for pretty and/or adorable packaging so it comes as no surprise that all the holiday collections are pretty detrimental to my health and wallet. The collections always look so amazing and combine that with the fact that they’re all limited edition it’s hard to restrain myself! I’ve gotten a couple of things so far and I know I will be getting a few more and yes, I know it seems like a lot but believe me there are so many more items that I could’ve gotten as well…