Holiday Makeup Haul

As mentioned in my last haul, the holidays are upon us in the makeup world and in real life too. I’m a sucker for pretty and/or adorable packaging so it comes as no surprise that all the holiday collections are pretty detrimental to my health and wallet. The collections always look so amazing and combine that with the fact that they’re all limited edition it’s hard to restrain myself! I’ve gotten a couple of things so far and I know I will be getting a few more and yes, I know it seems like a lot but believe me there are so many more items that I could’ve gotten as well and had the strength to say no to.

So today, I bring you a glimpse at some of the holiday offerings from Lorac, Benefit, and MAC. Also, sorry in advance that the pictures are at a weird angle. I had limited space to take pictures today and when I tried to take the pictures on top of the items, I kept getting a shadow.



Lorac had a crazy amount of holiday releases with exclusives editions at all different places. I saw all the press images and narrowed down my final items to 2 of the items from the Kohls exclusive. I picked up The Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set and The Royal Full Face Collection.


_MG_3870 The Royal Full Face Collection comes in a luxe velvet box which will be great to use for storage of little things once I take the items and padding out. I haven’t used the eyeshadows yet in either of these two sets, but I’m sure if they are anything like every other Lorac shadow I’ve used, they will be soft, buttery and a dream to work with. I’ve never tried a Lorac lipstick or mascara before so I’m excited to try this Alter Ego Lipstick and Cobra Mascara.

Next up, MAC released some of their holiday goodies and I picked up one item from their Keepsakes collection and two items from their Heirloom collection. I mostly picked up the Plum Eyes from the Keepsakes collection because the packaging looked glamorous (it’s not as great as it looked online) and I was curious to try one of these small palettes from MAC. I got the mineralize blush in Sweet Sentiment because I love MAC blushes and when I looked around online that one seemed to be the one that got the best reviews. MAC cremesheen glasses are always a hit so I also got one from the Heirloom Collection in Romantic Overture, which is supposed to be a clear base with sparkles. That’s all I got from MAC – I really just wanted to try a little from the two collections, but what I’m really holding out for is the MAC collaboration with Prabal Gurung for the holidays because I’ve seen some promo pics and the gold packaging looks to die for! Anybody know when that’s supposed to launch?


Last, I have the Benefit’s Cheeky Sweet Spot. This is probably my favorite of the haul. Last year, I got the Tarte blush and bronzer palette, which is great and was extremely popular. Tarte came out with another one this year, but I decided I wanted this Benefit one instead. When it first came out I thought that it looked super cute, but was holding off on buying it. Then, the more I looked at it, the feelings grew until it got to the point that I just had to have it. First off, the packaging is the cutest thing ever. It is a tin box that is shaped like a house or store and it’s decorated like a Christmas candy shop! I’ll definitely be keeping the tin even after all the makeup is gone. Anyway, the tin contains Benefit’s popular box o’ powders and their famous highlighter – Watt’s Up. I’m really excited to start using this if I can ever tear myself away from staring at the pretty tin that is.


That concludes my haul! How have you guys been faring with these holiday launches?


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