Lorac Evening Soiree

I hope you all had a nice weekend and are ready to start off the new week. Today’s post is about the Lorac holiday duo – “Evening Soiree” which is a blush and highlight duo. This particular duo came out exclusively to Kohl’s during the holidays so unfortunately it’s not available any more. I know, I know – why am I sharing it if it’s not available anymore? I’m sharing it because the quality is so good, as I expected since I’ve yet to be disappointed by a Lorac product. Even though this duo isn’t available anymore, Lorac still has a variety of blush and cheek products in their permanent range as well as other limited edition ones so you may want to check those out!


Lighting was hard to work with the other day so these are the best photos I could get. The blush is in the shade “Chroma” and the highlight is “Moonlight”. As you can see the highlight and the blush are so pigmented and those swatches were done with just the lightest swipes on the product. What’s even better though is that it’s not easy to overdo it on your actual cheeks which I love because I hate when you don’t realize how pigmented something is and you end up with so much product on your face and then you spend so much time trying to blend it out. So in terms of swatching and actual application there is a difference. These are completely buildable products. That’s not to say that these don’t show up on your face though.

As mentioned above, Lorac has a permanent and limited edition range of blushes on their website  that you can check out. “Chroma” is a shade that is offered but in the pictures on the website it looks much darker and more brown/red than this one which has a more pink hue.

Have you tried any other Lorac cheek products?

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