Fall Beauty

Fall Beauty Routine


For some people their beauty routines and products change drastically with each season. For me, however, the change is very subtle. I’ve mentioned it before, but I’m not a red lip or vampy lip lover. I think the shades definitely can look beautiful on others, but my own personal preference is for more neutral shades. With that being said, it makes sense that my makeup for the fall and winter months isn’t much different than other times in the year since one of the biggest changes people usually make is incorporating reds and berry shades into their lipstick game for the colder months.
The changes might be subtle, but they do exist! So first off, although I like neutral lip shades I do go a bit darker in the chillier months. I’m more prone to reach for darker pinks and mauve tones than the straight pinky-nudes and corals that are associated with summer.
Next up, I’m less likely to reach for the baby pink and coral blush shades and more apt to reach for the dusty, dusky rose colors.
For eyeshadows, golds can be worn any time of the year in my opinion. I love incorporating gold all year long! But, instead of the brighter, funkier colors that are more popular in the hot weather I reach for the darker colors. The original Naked Palette and the original Lorac Pro Palette are perfect for the fall and winter. They offer a great combination of the pinks, creams, golds, and dark browns.
All the items I used as examples for my fall/winter makeup can definitely be used year-round, but I think they are great staples for fall/winter. As you can see, I don’t have anything revolutionary here or anything, but I just wanted to give a sense of my beauty style for the colder months. In a nutshell, I swap out the brights, peachy shades, nudes, and corals for duskier, more muted shades.

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    1. It’s such a good brand for an affordable price!

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      1. oh yeees!I’m totally agree with you!!!

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