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    Movies I Loved

    I was thinking recently about movies that I loved when I was younger that you don’t hear much about. Movies popular to me, if you will. Now, since these movies are all from when I was in elementary school and middle school I don’t really know how popular these movies were in the theater. ButI don’t think they were terribly popular or else I think I’d hear more about them today. So over the past few days I jotted down the names as they came to me of movies I loved back in the day and would watch over and over again. Once I got to 5 I was ready…

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    Beauty & the Beast

    Have you seen Beauty & the Beast yet? I know it just came out this past weekend, but I know a bunch of people who already saw it – myself included! I just couldn’t wait so I had to go after work on Friday. If you follow me on Instagram then you might already know that I absolutely loved the movie. I had high expectations for this movie and I am happy to report that not only did the movie meet my expectations but exceeded them. I loved that the movie had the basis of the original animated movie, but fleshed out the characters and background stories more. I really enjoyed the fact…

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    Magical Movies

    Happy weekend! And this weekend is even better because it’s a 3-day weekend. Although for some reason at the end of the work day yesterday it didn’t feel like we were starting a long weekend. It just felt like the start of a normal weekend. It’ll definitely feel nice to sleep in on Monday though! So on to today’s post. Magical movies! Now, to be honest I think all movies are magical in a way because of the storytelling and how it transports you to another place and time. I find something magical in seeing a movie in the movie theater too. Do you ever look around during a movie…

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    Rogue One

    Have you seen Rogue One yet? I saw it over the weekend and I was really excited for it leading up to the day. Then, I saw mixed reviews on my Facebook newsfeed. Some people seemed to love it and others thought it was just okay. I started to get worried that I wouldn’t like it so I tried to tell myself to keep my expectations low. What did I think?…..I absolutely loved it! It had me interested for the entire movie. No wondering how much time was left to the movie. No trying to tell myself that it has to get better. It was awesome! If you don’t know what…

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    September 2016 Favorites

    Usually I start every monthly favorites post talking about how quickly the month went. While it is hard to believe it’s already October, at the same time this past month at work has been so busy and stressful that I feel like I’ve been back at work for ages already. So it’s a weird feeling with the close of September. I just have a few favorites this month as I feel like I’ve been running around too much to really think about things I’ve really enjoyed or have any favorites this month. In September, I finally watched Now You See Me 2 which I really enjoyed and I’m happy I liked because…

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    “The Longest Ride” – 2nd (or more) Generation Hollywood

    I have had a fascination with Hollywood and the entertainment industry in general since I was a little kid. Movies, TV, celebrities, I loved and still love it all. I always had a natural inclination to learn as much as I could. I never wanted to be an actress or director or anything like that; I was just an avid observer. *Side note: One of my dream jobs would be a journalist who interviews celebrities. But not like the kind of fluff interviews for tabloids or Extra. The kind of articles you read in magazines like Vanity Fair where the writer meets the actor at a cafe and talks to…

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    Pass the Tissues – Tearjerker Movies

    It’s not often that I get choked up watching a movie. In fact, it’s become a running joke in my family that I never cry watching movies and am therefore cold. However, before you start calling me cold too, I do tear up or cry every once in a while watching certain movies or TV shows! And there are a handful of movies that no matter how many times I’ve seen them I always cry – I just can’t help it! Off the top of my head, I’ve thought of 5 movies that make me cry the same as when I first saw the movie as the 12th time. There are spoilers, but I’ve…

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    June 2016 Favorites

    How is June over already? As some of you may already know if you’ve been keeping up with my posts here or on social media, I’m currently away on vacation in Alaska so this particular post has been written ahead of time and scheduled. I expect to be able to write some travel related posts in a few days though! I don’t have too many favorites this month. I think the whole month was just a blur. The first half of the month was the end of the school year so I was very busy at work and then there was just a lot going on and now I’m away!…

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    All Things Jane Austen

    Jane Austen is one of my favorite authors of all time and for good reason. Not only do I find her writing and stories entertaining, but I think they are timeless classics that will never go out of style. I was recently thinking about how over 200 years after she was first published, she still has such a huge impact on literature, movies, TV, you name it, today. So if you’re a Jane Austen fan or if you’re not too familiar with her works, then sit back for a few minutes and let me share my thoughts! My love for Austen first began back in high school. During my junior…

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    The Jungle Book

    How is everyone’s weekend going? I’ve been pretty busy and tired, but it’s been productive! I went to see The Jungle Book yesterday and I really wanted to share my thoughts on the movie. First off, I haven’t seen the animated Disney movie since I was a little kid and I think I only saw it once (since it wasn’t the typical fairy tale/princess Disney movie that I would watch over and over again) so I really didn’t remember much about the storyline. Basically, all I remembered was that it’s about a boy named Mowgli who grows up in the jungle, he has a friend who’s a bear, and I remembered some…