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Wedding Weekend Part 2 – Food

When I’m traveling, I can’t help but take pictures of my food. Don’t ask me why, it just has to be done. While away for my friend’s wedding in the Chicago area for the weekend, I realized this would be a great opportunity for a food themed post about my weekend.

burgerIt was a jam-packed weekend with things to do, so 2 meals were eaten at SugarToad at the hotel we were staying (Hotel Arista). Sometimes hotel restaurants are nothing to write home about, but we were all pleasantly surprised by the food there. While my friends all ordered brunch/breakfast foods, I decided on a bacon cheeseburger.

risottoSaturday night we were in the city and although the original idea was to get the infamous Chicago deep dish pizza, it was too hard to find a place to get a last minute reservation for a party of 10. We ended up at an Italian restaurant, Dinotto, not knowing what to expect, but we all quickly agreed that our food was delicious! The environment was good and the staff was very friendly. A good time was had by all!

mexican dinnerAt the Menhdi, which I talked about in my last post, they had a buffet of Mexican food, which offered a nice variety for everyone with things like quesadillas, rice and beans, guacamole, burritos and so on.

lunchAfter the ceremony, there was a nice lunch of Indian food for all the guests. I am not sure of the names of the food, but here’s a picture of my plate! Everyone thought it was pretty spicy, which it was, but I liked it. I also think I wasn’t as affected by the spiciness because my taste buds are probably burnt out from an extremely spicy meal I had a few months ago haha.

dinner copyOkay so….I completely forgot to take a picture of my dinner at the actual wedding reception. I know, epic fail, but I do have a picture of the menu! It was buffet style and this was what was offered. Then there was dessert, which obviously consisted of the wedding cake (!) and other assorted sweets such as cookies and chocolate covered strawberries (my fav).

eggs benedict


Last, we had brunch at SugarToad again before flying home. I had the eggs benedict (opting for breakfast instead of lunch this time). The meal, like the presentation, was great. And that sums up my food journey on this trip. My last installment of the wedding weekend will be posted soon detailing some of my outfits and looks during the trip.

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