Ombre Nails

Recently I used Kiss’s Gradation Nail Kit from Rite Aid in “Freeze Frame Pink”. It’s a fun kit to create an ombre effect on your nails and I thought it was a great look to start off summer – especially the pink color! It is a 3-step process and the kit comes with 3 polishes with directions on where on the nail and when to apply each polish. Obviously, you have the freedom to do what you want with the placement and whatnot, but I followed the directions this time around.

photo 2 (2) The polishes are even labeled in order of how they are meant to be used so it’s pretty foolproof.

IMG_5882 Step 1 – the pale pink color serves as the base

IMG_5883 Step 2 – the tip color goes on about the top 1/3 of the nail. This polish goes on after the step 1 polish has dried. My nail beds aren’t that big and I had recently cut my nails before painting them so it ended up being more like 1/2 the nail.

IMG_5887 Step 3 – the blend color. This polish goes on while the step 2 polish is still wet in order to blend the colors and create that gradient or ombre effect. I didn’t apply a top coat because I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to. I know some special polishes explicitly tell you that top coats aren’t required or suggested.

photo 3 (2) The finished product! The steps are easy and your nails turn out pretty cool looking. It takes a bit longer than painting your nails with a regular polish because there are more steps involved and certain timings to follow, but it really isn’t a long process. This lasted for about 3 days without chipping and once it did it wasn’t that noticeable because of the ombre look. I do want to try the ombre effect where each nail is a different shade of a certain color, but I don’t think I have enough shades of 1 particular color. Something to look into/invest in!

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