Photo Challenge: Dialogue

Last Friday, The Daily Post posted their newest photo challenge – Dialogue . I have to admit, this was the toughest one for me so far. I understood the concept of it – place two pictures next to each other so that they talk to each other or interact in some way. Of course, it’s open to interpretation, but nothing came to mind quickly. I’m not very artistic, but it’s something that I want to nurture to become more creative. I decided to do a before and after picture using a candle. I love candles and light them all the time. But not with matches cause those scare me and I’m afraid to burn my fingers. Anyone else like that? It’s amazing how powerful scents are. You can light a Christmas Tree candle in the middle of summer and feel like there’s a Christmas tree in the room and cookies baking. You can light a candle in the middle of winter and while you’re cozied up under blankets, feel like you’re in the midst of summer and the grass has been freshly cut. The candle I used for this photo challenge is Bath & Body Works Mint Chocolate.

IMG_6500 IMG_6501

I had to take the picture at just the right angle to be able to capture the smoke. I really wanted the smoke from the blown out candle and the barely lit look of the wicks in the picture. I like the comparison of the clean, simple and bright look of the freshly lit candle and the dark, smokey, unclear, just blown out candle.

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