Apple Crostata

The first thing I made with the apples I “picked” when I went apple picking last weekend was an apple crostata. I have made crostatas before, but never an apple one so I looked online to see if there were any recipes or tips and tricks. I found one by Giada from Food Network so I based mine off of her recipe with some changes.

First, I peeled, cored and cut up 3 apples. I believe I used 2 Golden Delicious and 1 Macintosh.


Then, the recipe calls for lemon juice and sugar. I decided to use brown sugar instead because I think brown sugar and apples go better together. And brown sugar just seems much more like a fall dessert flavor.

_MG_3728 _MG_3733

So I cheated and used pre-made pie dough instead of making my own from scratch. Using that pie crust dough, I poured all of the apples into the middle. The recipe also called for almond slices on the crust. I decided to forgo that and instead chop up some walnuts to be mixed in with the apples since that is always a winning combo!


Then, I began to fold the sides in and sort of pleated them together a bit.


Next, I egg washed the pie crust and sprinkled some sugar on the crust. Surprisingly, the recipe does not use any cinnamon at all and I thought it should so I sprinkled some cinnamon on top of the apples before putting it in the oven.




The end result was delicious! I’m happy I decided to add the walnuts in because they were a great addition.

I used up the rest of the apples in another dessert today, which will be featured in a future post! There may be a different food post before that one though so I don’t tire anyone out with these apple posts!

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