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Dove One Shower Challenge

Way back at the end of August – I say “way back” because it seems like forever ago – the Emmy Awards took place. I tweeted that I would be posting my Emmy Fashion picks in an upcoming blog post and Dove replied to me suggesting I participate in their One Shower Challenge.


Of course, I said yes! The Dove website said it would take around 6-8 weeks to get my sample in the mail. I almost forgot about it until the little box arrived in the mail last week.


Dove sent a very nice sample size. The Dove body wash has a creamy consistency. It looks a little bit like lotion. For reference, I currently use an Olay body wash and that is more liquidy and clear (purple, but transparent). I imagine the creaminess of the Dove body wash is what helps it keep you moisturized all day long and ensures that “softer, smoother skin” that they promise you’ll have after just one shower. I tried to figure out the smell of it and the best I can describe it as is a baby powder smell. It’s a faint smell, but pleasant and who doesn’t like the smell of baby powder?

I can’t say for sure that it made my skin softer and smoother in just one shower, but it felt moisturizing and my skin didn’t feel dry or itchy at all throughout the day. Definitely a body wash I would purchase in the future!

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