Ruffian Manicure

I haven’t had time to do my nails in a few weeks. It’s been a busy few weeks at work with the end of the marking period so I had no time to myself that would allow me the time to do my nails and wait for them to dry. Well, the marking period just ended so I finally had a little time to myself over the weekend.

Over the summer, I saw this cute manicure over at Beautezine and while looking for manicure ideas over on Pinterest over the weekend I came across the same idea again and wanted to give it a try.


I used a white polish from Sally Hansen in “White Tip”, a purple polish from the Sephora/Disney Aladdin collection, and a Revlon Top Coat.

First, I put two coats of the white polish on.


After the white polish was dry, I went in with the purple. I think my thumb turned out the best. I did 2 coats of the purple. I tried to curve the bottom a little bit, but then it just became more a matter of making it even. So the trick is to not have the purple go all the way down or all the way to either side.



Last, I put the top coat on once the purple was completely dry. The end result wasn’t too sloppy, but of course I cleaned it up a little later on. I didn’t use nail polish remover, but I find that when I wash my hands under warm or hot water and just rub on the polish that’s on my skin, it comes off.

This last picture is after I cleaned up the edges. Next time, I’ll work on making the top color a tiny bit narrower, cause I’d like if a little more of the white showed on the sides. Maybe not on my thumb, because I think that’s a good ratio, but on my other fingers.

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