Jolly Blogger Award

I’ve been nominated for the Jolly Blogger Award by Natasha over at Colour My World! It’s a holiday themed award and looks like it’ll be fun to do, so here goes!


My Questions: 

1. What is on your Christmas wish list? I have so many things on my wish list, but we’ll see what I actually get! Clothes are always good, but what I’d especially like is a cape coat and new rain boots. 

2. What would be the perfect Christmas? The perfect Christmas would just be to spend the day with my family, with good food, some new presents to play with and a fresh snowfall.

3. What is your favorite winter makeup look? When I think of the winter, I think of the holidays, so golds, shimmers, and anything sparkly is my favorite winter makeup look.

4. Do you believe in Santa? Of course!

5. What is your favorite Christmas food or drink? Christmas cookies (homemade) all the way!

6. Will you be traveling for Christmas? Nope, I will be home for Christmas, which in my opinion is the best place to be for the holidays!

7. Would you prefer a snowy Christmas or no snow? Snowy!

8. Do you like eggnog? I think I’ve only tried it once because I was curious and it was store bought. I didn’t really care for it. 

9. What is your favorite winter clothing? I love oversized sweaters because they’re nice and cozy.

10. Do you leave santa cookies? I’ve actually never left cookies for Santa, not even when I was little!

11. What has been the best Christmas gift you’ve ever received? This one’s tough – nothing in particular is jumping out to me. I’ve never gotten a new car with a big red bow like in the commercials haha. I’ve always liked all my gifts!

12. What is your favorite Christmas memory? I don’t have one in particular for this question either, but I love the feeling of Christmas morning. Even now, I have a feeling of excitement when I wake up! 

So technically the rules say I’m supposed to nominate 10 bloggers, but if any of you would like to participate consider yourself nominated! I will nominate the 3 bloggers I follow that have been doing a lot of holiday-themed posts lately though!

My questions for you:

1. What is on your Christmas wish list?
2. What is your favorite winter makeup look?
3. What is your favorite winter clothing item?
4. Do you plan to wear an ugly Christmas sweater this year?
5. Do you believe in Santa?
6. What is your best Christmas memory?
7. What is your favorite Christmas movie?
8. What is your favorite holiday food and/or drink?
9. One beauty product you can’t live without this holiday season?
10. Snow or no snow for Christmas?
11. Do you open your gifts on Christmas Eve or Christmas?
12. Do you like to be surprised with your gifts?

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