German Potato Salad

Summer time is full of barbecues and grilling and one of the common side dishes to all this grilling is potato salad. I’m fully aware it’s winter time, but that doesn’t make me like potato salad any less. To make it a bit more cold-weather friendly though I decided to try making a German potato salad which is served warm. I’ve had it before, but never actually made it.

I found this recipeย and so began my foray into the world of warm potato salad.

I started out with some red potatoes and boiled them. Then, I had to slice them while still hot which burned my fingers a little bit, but what are you gonna do.

While the potatoes were boiling (prior to slicing), I cut up some bacon.

I got all my ingredients ready and then fried up the bacon. After the bacon crisped up, I took the bacon out of the pan and added these ingredients (apple cider vinegar, Dijon mustard, salt, pepper, and garlic) to the bacon grease.

I then added the potato slices and made sure they were all coated and folded in the cooked bacon. I added some dried parsley before serving. The recipe calls for fresh parsley, but I didn’t have any and dried worked just fine.

ย If you only like potato salad because of the mayonnaise taste, then this may not be for you since this has no mayo in it at all and is more of a mustard taste. For me, this dish is definitely a nice side dish and makes for a nice potato salad substitute during the colder months!

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