Reflecting on 2014

2014 is coming to a close and I hope you all have had a good year. Most people experience ups and downs throughout the year, but I hope that the good has outweighed the bad for you. I find it difficult to write about feelings and reflections without sounding too cliche, but I’ll try my best!

I started this blog back in May after toying with the idea for a very long time. I had a very vague idea in my head of what I wanted to do and I had absolutely no idea what to expect. Would it be a total failure? Would I be the only one reading it?! But life happens and sometimes unexpected things shake you and flips that switch in you that makes you say “I’m going to do what I want”. Now, I can’t imagine what life would be like without writing this blog every day and “meeting” all these wonderful fellow bloggers. It might sound weird, but when you’re reading these blogs and interacting with these bloggers on a frequent basis it’s like you’ve formed a friendship even though you’ve never actually met and I could not be more grateful for these relationships.

Looking back, here are a few of my favorite posts from this year for all different reasons.
1. Cocoon Sweater
2. DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater
3. Holiday Pick: MAC Prabal Gurung
4. Bright Colors in the Fall
5. Hawaii Beach & Pool Looks

There’s plenty more that I love (especially some food ones!), but it’s hard and time consuming to round them all up!

In some ways 2014 felt like a rebuilding year for me and this blog has totally and completely changed my life. It was about seeing and experiencing new things, cherishing loved ones, deepening some already great friendships while letting others fade. As the year ends and DJ Earworm releases his annual mashup, I can’t help but think that this year’s theme and title of his masterpiece is nothing short of perfect for me.

My wish for you for 2015 is to have a happy, healthy, prosperous year and to “do what you wanna do”!


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