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Worst Luck

I have the worst luck. I was supposed to go for the first dose of the Covid vaccine today and, of course, tested positive yesterday. It’s been an emotional 24 hours.

This isn’t the post I had planned for today, obviously, and I wasn’t even going to post at all, but I’m not tired and can’t sleep so I thought I might as well write down my thoughts on here.

I started to have an on/off sinus type headache a few days ago and then Saturday night had a fever. I woke up yesterday morning with a high fever and went to the doctor. I was already pretty upset because I knew that with a fever and possible antibiotics I would not be able to get the vaccine and would have to reschedule. The doctor put in a prescription for me for a sinus infection and nasal spray and had the nurse do a rapid Covid test on me as well. I was anxiously awaiting the results for a few hours and when I saw my phone ring I knew it was bad. Last time I took a test they just texted me to say it was negative.

So I’m quarantined and hoping that my fever is gone soon. So far I’ve been lucky with mild symptoms (headache, body aches, fever) and haven’t lost my sense of taste or smell *knock on wood*. Once my fever goes away I think I’ll feel so much better because I won’t have that hot and cold thing going on.

I was incredibly upset yesterday and cried on and off for the afternoon. I was just so mad and sad that I had managed to not get sick for a whole year and then right before I was due to get the vaccine I get it.

Though, should I be surprised? I feel like there have been so many times since I was little that I was so looking forward to something only to get sick right beforehand. Once in 4th grade I was so excited for this day of fun and games my teacher had planned. We were going to play this game I loved in the gym with this huge parachute type thing where everyone holds handles on the edges and lifts their arms up and then crouches down so it balloons up and people take turns running across underneath. But, I got sent home with a fever.

In 5th grade, my teacher’s husband was a lawyer and she arranged a field trip for us to go to a courthouse and learn about trials. I don’t remember what I got sick with, possibly a fever, but in any case I couldn’t go and was totally bummed.

In 8th grade there was a social studies field trip to a museum or something that only select students got to go on. My teacher didn’t give me a permission slip so I figured I wasn’t one of the selected. The day before my teacher told me he hadn’t gotten my permission slip back and I said I never got one. Apparently that was a mistake and he gave me one and said I could go as long as I brought in the permission slip the next morning before we left. Of course, I got a fever that day after school and couldn’t go.

I’m trying to tell myself that everything happens for a reason, but right now I’m pretty down about it. I won’t be able to get the vaccine for a while now since I have Covid, but I’ll have the antibodies. I suppose once I am able to get it, in a few months it should be more readily available so I guess that’s one plus. I was due to get it at a mega site so maybe when I get it I can just go to my local pharmacy.

Will keep you all posted and hopefully each day I will feel better and better.

Sequin Sweater + Twinkle Lights

I had planned to post this photo on Instagram yesterday with Coldplay lyrics from “Fix You” and it seems even more appropriate now. I didn’t end up having the energy to do the whole Instagram thing yesterday so I’ll probably post this photo today.

“Lights will guide you home
And ignite your bones
And I will try to fix you
” – Coldplay

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